Office 365 free for students

Education Queensland recently published an article stating that all Queensland state school staff and students can download multiple free copies of Microsoft Office 365.

We love this because almost everyone in most computerised working environments today is using Microsoft Office 2016 and it gets students familiar with the tools they will need in the real world.

Office 365 Free for Students


Office 365 free for students and teaching staff


This announcement comes with the new Microsoft 2016 software update and although Microsoft have offered this to students in the past (read our blog here), this new offer promises to be more accessible.

What is really convenient about this is the self-service portal. Students can now sign up and download the software themselves simply using their email address from their educational institution. It takes under 15 minutes to register and start using Office 365.

This offer is only available for personal home computers and mobile devices, not for department owned devices. For more information from Education Queensland, click here.

For PC and Mac, visit , login using your school email address, click through to install and follow the onscreen process.

For instructions on how to get started, click one of the links below:


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