Keeping your business safe with Datto Business Continuity solutions

Ransomware is becoming a leading threat to small business in Australia. It’s a type of malware that encrypts data on infected systems and locks its victim’s files and allows criminals to demand payment to release them. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to these attacks.

In this webinar, James Bergl from Datto shares the steps you can take to keep your business safe from these expert hackers.





More data is being created and stored, by companies of all sizes. Data will continue to grow at rates from 11% to 40% annually (Enterprise Strategy Group). Amount of data could grow by 50 times by 2020. (IDC)

SMBs are part of the “big data” wave.  It really just means smarter use of their data, in turn making it more valuable.

For SMBs, their data is their lifeline.



Have you experienced disaster in your business?

Earthquakes are a real threat here.  And even in a minor earthquake you may not be let back into a server room until the building is inspected. However, there are more and more threats to a business’ data.  Not just big natural disasters but the day-to-day data loss disasters caused by malware, server failure, power outages and human error.


Evaluate your risk

Aging equipment and more security risks will drive more data failure and potential data loss for businesses of all sizes, particularly small business.

95% of companies experienced an unplanned data center outage in the past two years. (Ponemon Institute)


Protecting your data is protecting your business

You wouldn’t consider running your business without insuring your employees or the physical components.  For example, you have have insurance for the physical desktops in case they get stolen, but what about the more valuable data that it contains?

Most business liability insurance policies do not cover data loss.


What is true Business Continuity?

Just backing up the data is not enough. Business Continuity is about keeping the business up and running in the event of an outage.

  • Hybrid cloud-based backup
  • Image-based backup

Backup entire servers, not just select sets of files.

  • Delivers superior

RTO = Recovery Time Objective
How much downtime can you withstand?

How long can your business be down without it affecting your bottom line?

  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Never


RPO = Recovery Point Objective
How much data are you willing to lose?

  • Eliminates downtime (Virtualization)



To sum it up…


  • Ransomware is rife & will cost your business money and time
  • Backup is not enough to deliver business continuity
  • Grassroots & Datto are committed to delivering a complete solution to protect you against downtime



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