User Guide: Release an Email from Spam Report in MP Mail

Some email quarantined by the Spam report may be legitimate and need to be released. Users have the ability to release the email using the Spam report sent via email on a regular basis throughout the day. This guide will show you how to release an email using the Spam report. 

Release Email 

1. Review the emails quarantined in the Spam report and confirm if release is required 

2. Multiple options may be available depending on the reason the message was quarantined:  

A. Deliver – Will deliver the email to your mailbox

B. Allow – Will deliver the email to your mailbox and create an allow policy for this address, helping to reduce incorrect classification of  email from this address in the future.


3. Once Deliver or Allow has been clicked from the Spam report a browser window will appear and confirm the email has been delivered successfully.

 4. If the message quarantine reason was one of the following, the Deliver or Allow buttons may not appear:  

A. Content 

B. Infomail

C. Virus 

In this instance submit a support ticket to Grassroots IT via the Grassroots IT Support portal or via email to to assist with releasing the email.