Ask the #Nerherd: How Do I Keep my Business Operating When My Internet Goes Down?

#Ask the Nerdherd: How Do I Keep my Business Operating When My Internet Goes Down?

We heavily depend on the internet these day, as many of us use cloud based services. If the internet going down means that business stops, this can be a very costly occurrence.

In this #askthenerdherd video, Ben tackles some ways on how to keep the business operational even when the internet goes down.

The best ways to avoid business interruption when you lose an internet connection are:

1. Find another temporary Internet Connection

For those who work alone or from home, if the internet goes down, the solution might be as simple as tethering your mobile phone to your laptop, or working from a different location where free wifi is available for as long as the primary connection is unavailable.

2. Set up a Second Internet Connection for your Business

Set up a secondary internet connection to the office that can launch into action when the first connection fails. It’s best to avoid the connection coming in via the same way (eg. if a wayward backhoe digs up your ADSL connection, having a backup is a bit pointless if the backhoe has dug up TWO ADSL connections).

4G backup internet connection is really viable as alternative connection these days. With the new 5G services coming out and other magic technology now available, this can be set up alongside your primary internet connection with a 4G fail over and it will be a sub-second switchover, so you won’t even notice you’ve been fallen over to the secondary internet connection! If you need assistance setting up a backup internet connection, let us know and we can help make it happen.

What’s your backup plan when the internet goes down at your office? It’s important to work out your strategy so you can minimise interruption to your business. Need some help? Book a time with Gary if you need assistance working out your backup plan.