About us

Grassroots IT is an IT consultancy with offices in Brisbane, Auckland and the Philippines, passionately providing solutions that create positive change for our clients and their businesses.

Grassroots IT is a values-led organisation – which is just a fancy way of saying that we know what’s truly important to us (these are our core values) and we use these values to drive the strategy, decisions and actions in our business. We also recognise our team members as they demonstrate these values at work on a daily basis.

We deliver an incredible client experience

We deliver the best IT support and solutions to all our clients each and every day.

But it’s not enough just to fix a bit of technology when it breaks.

We want our clients:
> to experience the best possible customer service
> to be responded to in a timely manner
> to love interacting and working with us,
> and to know that we are proactively managing your IT systems
(even when you sleep!).

We are masters of our craft

We are lifelong learners and we support our team members to continuously invest in their skills and personal development.

We want you to have access to the highest quality IT experts. Through the use of industry compliant resources, certifications and on-the-job training, we are always growing our IT knowledge and experience.

Being masters of our craft helps us bring the very best practical and effective solutions to drive growth in your business.

We are team players

Our business is focused on collaboration and teamwork at its core, and excellent communication is essential. 

Inside our business, we work as team players with each other – which means we help each other with job tickets, we train and guide other team members, we communicate and collaborate regularly, and we also like to have fun together outside of the office.

As a valued client, we consider ourselves an extended part of your team too – and work collaboratively with you to drive positive change in your business. 

We pursue continuous improvement

Our fast-paced world of technology and rapid innovation also requires rapid adaptation skills. 

We use a customer satisfaction measurement system and our clients have the opportunity to give feedback at the completion of each helpdesk ticket. We really appreciate the time you take to share your response, and we take each and every comment very seriously.  

We are always looking for ways to improve our skills, knowledge, processes and offerings in order to ensure we are helping you to run your best possible business too. 

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