Change Management is the process an organisation must go through to successfully implement changes to its strategies, processes, technologies and culture.

Service Adoption is defined as the ability of an organisation to drive the healthy usage of the business and technical capabilities that have been provided to its employees. It is when these two disciplines meet that we get to the core of an Adoption and Change Management strategy --People.

Without managing the people side of change, even an organisation that has met all the technical requirements and milestones can still fail to deliver results and benefits. At Grassroots IT we understand that organisations who embrace change management are more likely to achieve the intended project outcomes, stay on schedule and stay on budget. We integrate technical and end user needs into an overall project plan designed to drive changes that deliver better business outcomes.

Benefits of Adoption and Change Management

Consultation and Analysis

Having a professional consultation helps you  understand what you actually need to do to be successful. Uncover the ‘pain points’ your team experiences and opportunities for improvement. 

Readiness for Change

A thorough consultation with industry experts will deep dive into identifying and understanding organisational goals and areas to be impacted before moving forward, making sure that the business is ready to create a roadmap for positive change.

Healthy Adoption Journey

Provides an organisation the ability to drive healthy practices in introducing and utilising new tools to its employees therefore improving the overall technical capability of the business.

Structured Training

Using the data gathered to assess business readiness, a unique training process will be planned and structured to fit your business goals and needs, continually leading you towards a successful adoption journey.

Definite Goals

With a well-planned and structured process in place, an organisation can deliver ideal outcomes while effectively utilising new business tools to drive positive change now and in the future.

Testing and Reporting

Ongoing testing ensures processes can be fine tuned and the projects can be scaled to a wider audience. Measurement of any adoption and change management process is imperative to ensure success.

How we can help

We can help with Planning & Preparation

Planning & Preparation

We can help with Roadmap & Experiment

Roadmap & Experiment

Report and Scaling Frameworks at Grassroots IT

Reporting & Scaling

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