When user adoption and change management meet, these two disciplines will get us to the core of user adoption and change management strategy:


Without managing the people side of a change, even an organisation that has met all the technical requirements and milestones can still fail to deliver the results and benefits from digital transformation. 

At Grassroots IT, we understand that organisations who embrace change management are more likely to:

  • achieve the intended project outcomes 
  • stay on schedule and;
  • stay on budget.

We integrate technical and end user needs into an overall project plan designed to drive changes that deliver better business outcomes.

Key Benefits of Adoption and Change Management

Precise Organisational Alignment

Ensure that any changes to be made are aligned with your business strategies and goals before a full rollout.

Accelerate User Adoption with Optimised Strategies

Put the best strategies in place that are fit to your goald to increase efficiency in change management.

Promote Healthy User Adoption Culture

Promote a smooth and comprehensive adoption process that will provide the best adoption experience and improve user acceptance.

Deeper Understanding of Best Practices for Success

Understand your organisation's needs to determine the best approaches to conduct a healthy user adoption experience.

Speed Up User Adoption 

With a well-thought-out and well-executed user adoption strategy in place, you can count on a successful implementation in the shortest possible period.

Why aligning IT Strategy with business goals is critical

How Grassroots IT Can Help

Highlight Opportunities

Having an expert consultant to professionally review your business will help you better understand what you actually need to do in able to be successful in user adoption and change management. 

We can help you uncover the pain points your team experiences through tech adoption and find opportunities for improvement.

Adoption and Change Management Icon

Know Your Readiness for Change

A thorough consultation with IT industry experts will help you identify and understand your organisational goals and areas that may be impacted before taking any action. 

The results of this assessment will ensure the business is fully prepared to create a roadmap for positive change.

Healthy User Adoption

An organisation that can drive healthy adoption practices when introducing new tools to employees will have a far greater impact improving the overall technical capability of the business compared to those who struggle to create a positive user adoption journey. 

Having the people on board from the beginning of the user adoption process is vital to the success of any digital transformation.

SAT Staff Training

Bespoke User Training 

Using the data gathered to assess change readiness, a unique training process will be planned and tailored to fit your business goals and needs, continually leading you towards a successful adoption journey.

We will ensure that you and your business are fully supported throughout the process. With expert advice and assistance, we can help you achieve your desired goals quickly and efficiently.

Ideal Project Results 

With a well-planned and structured process in place, an organisation can deliver ideal outcomes while effectively utilising new business tools to drive positive change now and in the future.

We will put into use our knowledge and experience in adoption and change management to help you make the best decisions and deliver ideal results for your business.

SAT Reporting

Testing and Tweaking 

Our expert IT support can conduct consistent testing that ensures processes are constantly fine tuned and projects are scaled to a wider user reach.

Measuring the stats of tech adoption and change management efforts is imperative to analyse which areas bring the most success, to know what's working and what isn't, and to tweak and shift accordingly. 

Ready to talk about how Grassroots IT can help create positive change in your business?