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  • The Operating Model That’s Eating the World

    OK, so a colleague just linked me an article from which I have blatantly copied the title of this post – but only I assure you for the most respectful of reasons. I simply cannot think of a better title to do this incredible post justice. Firstly though, please head on over and read the […]

  • Apples big #GotoFail

    OK, so file this one under O for OOPS! You may not have caught the news over the last few days, but a fundamental security flaw has been discovered in Apple’s operating system for both it’s mobile devices (iPad, iPhone) and deskop/laptop computers. Now finding security flaws in software is, to be honest, pretty commonplace, […]

  • Are you the office geek? See the future of tech at this free conference.

    Are you the office geek? Do you love hearing about the future of tech across diverse fields such as retail, manufacturing and health care? How about seeing some of the worlds best tech minds such as Ray Kurzweil (Director of Engineering, Google) and Chris Anderson (Editor, Author, Founder) speaking live on future trends? Connect 2014 […]

  • Fancy Running with us in 2014?

    Hi there, We hope you had a great January and settled well into 2014. We have started putting some of those exciting plans in place that we mentioned in last month’s newsletter.  We have just launched our new look website so be sure to check that out. Free IT Network Self-Assessment We want to start […]

  • Tis the Season

    Here we are in December already! We certainly celebrated Christmas a little earlier here at Grassroots IT this year.  We had our office Christmas tree up and had our team Christmas party both before the end of November!  If you would like to see pictures from our very adventurous Christmas party, pop on over to […]

  • Christmas…the countdown is on!

    Where has this year gone?  Here we are in November already – the weather is very quickly warming up, the Christmas decorations are in the shops and the Jacaranda trees all over Brisbane are in bloom. Following on from last month’s newsletter, remember you can call us if you need any assistance with preparing your […]

  • Christmas is approaching!

    Hi there, The year is passing by all too quickly and although we are only in Spring, Summer is making itself known already (well in Brisbane, it definitely is!). And the Christmas decorations are starting to appear in the shops! We have an interesting article in the newsletter this month regarding disaster preparedness for your […]

  • Spring Has Sprung.

    Hi there, Spring has most definitely sprung. How gorgeous is this weather? This time of year really makes us appreciate living in Australia. Leo Tolstoy once wrote that “spring is the time of plans and projects”. Have you started your spring cleaning yet? There is something about this time of year that inspires us to […]

  • Spring is Almost Here!

    Those westerly winds are here this month, and that normally means two things in Brisbane, the EKKA; and that Spring is just around the corner.  Not long now. We love the little cartoon at the end of this month’s newsletter.  What a great reminder for us all – keeping our feet productive, especially in these […]

  • Joyful July

    Hi! We hope you, your families and your team are keeping healthy in these winter months. It can be harder to eat healthy foods and keep active over the chillier months, and the illnesses usually impact on staff numbers and productivity. I’m about to start Ben on green smoothies (to his delight). Do you have […]