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  • Happy new year!

    We hope you’ve had a safe and happy Christmas, and have kicked off 2012 in a positive way. What are your resolutions for the year ahead? I’m experimenting with Simpleology and Wunderlist at the moment to help keep me focused on what I want to achieve each day. Have any of these web-based task list […]

  • Merry Christmas from the team at the Garden Shed!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… can you believe it’s only a few weeks away now? We’re looking forward to seeing the delight in the eyes of our two little boys, Sam and Charlie, as they experience Christmas festivities this year. At 3 and a half, Sam is becoming much more aware of […]

  • Welcome to our new-look newsletters!

    As the weather hots up in Brisbane, so too does the season of festivities. A big happy birthday shout-out to Tony and Joe in our office who have both celebrated birthdays in the past few weeks. The Grassroots IT crew has also just celebrated the end of the year with a team lunch at Sirromet […]

  • Grassroots IT Powers Up!

    We are very happy to announce that after a long and successful partnering relationship, Grassroots IT and IT Power have agreed to come together as a single entity operating under the Grassroots IT brand. with many years of industry knowledge serving the SMB market space with innovative solutions and support services, IT Power brings valuable […]

  • Getting Ready for Summer Storms

    The seasons have turned, and summer is well and truly upon us. Along with cricket, scalding steering wheels, and the inevitable rush into the festive season, summer brings with it the summer storms. And haven’t we seen some crackers lately! I know we talked about it last year, but when a storm hits this summer, […]

  • You Want Me to Join What?

    Like me, you might zone out a little when people start talking about their Myspace or Facebook profiles and accidentally ignore any requests to join these online clubs. Yes, I’m feeling old. What is this current online networking rage all about?   According to Wikipedia, these type of websites fall into the category of a […]

  • Creating a Greener Office

    Virgin Blue is turning green, and other big business are working towards being ‘carbon neutral’. There has been much discussion in the media lately about reducing our carbon footprints, global warming, saving water and our precious environment. Did you know that Australia produces more greenhouse gases per person than any other developed nation? I think […]