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Free Webinar - Cybersecurity: Executive Briefing Webinar

Cybersecurity Executive Briefing Webinar

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YT Thumbnail Sophos Webinar

With the ever evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, a traditional antivirus software is starting to lose its reliability in securing your business. Geoff Morrison of Sophos covers Cybersecurity today and how you can better protect your business.

Deep Dive Into Microsoft Teams

Are you utilising your Microsoft Teams to its full potential? What more can you do with this powerful service? Let Ben Love lead the discussion and deep dive into Microsoft Teams.

See the replay: Top 5 Cybersecurity Practices for your Business Webinar

What are you doing to mitigate cybersecurity risks? In this webinar, Ben Love lists down the top most effective cybersecurity practices for your business.

See the replay: Latest Updates in Office 365 Webinar

In order to ensure you are getting the most out of your software, Ben hosted a webinar to give you an overview on the latest updates and features you can start using today.

See the replay: Office 365 for the Real World 2018 Webinar

In this webinar, Mia talks about case studies of real businesses that efficiently made their existing Office 365 tools work for their organization, rather than having to pay for external subscriptions and remember multiple logins.

See the recap: The Small Business Download 2018 Live Event

A live event featuring five experienced speakers who shared their insight and expertise in data security, business growth and continuity, Office 365 and digital marketing.

See the replay: Xero for Small Business Webinar

Xero guru and Gold Partner, Jac Gallagher, leads us through the basics of Xero to help you make a decision on whether it’s the right cloud accounting software for your business.

See the replay: Getting Started with Sharepoint Webinar

Mia walks us through the features of Sharepoint and the process she uses to help clients develop their very own team portal.