Is Your Current IT Service Provider Making Your Life Easier?

Despite promises of convenience, today’s Information Technology (IT) doesn’t always deliver a hassle-free experience. Not everyone is trained (or programmed) to rapidly understand the intricacies of these ever-evolving technologies and yet, somehow, we are required to comprehend tech developments for professional gain and for the benefit of our business growth. 

But while IT is not the easiest thing to get our heads around, there’s no denying that we need it. These days, technology is a fundamental part of our daily life, and even more so in business, so there’s no escaping the inevitable. But how do you alleviate the stress associated with planning and maintaining IT systems in your business? I say, yelp for help.  

“Sometimes the only answer people are looking for when they ask for help is that they won’t have to face the problem alone.” – Mark Amend 

Mercifully, with the right supports in place, IT can make your life easier and help you achieve your business goals. There are now thousands of IT service providers in Australia that can support your business and its IT requirements. The right provider will be trained to know what they’re dealing with. They will be equipped with specialised knowledge, experience and a team of IT experts to ensure issues are not just fixed as quickly as possible, but are being proactively managed so that many issues don’t even arise.  

Here are some of the things that a good IT service provider should be doing to help you keep your cool when it comes to IT: 

1. Proactively managing your IT systems. 

Manager at the computer

We know there are glitches with IT from time to time, but wouldn’t it be great if you had someone watching over your IT systems so that the glitches are few and far between, your system is running at the optimum level and any downtime in your business is minimised? A good IT provider should be proactively managing your IT networks, not just fixing things when they break. Proactive management involves jobs such as making sure anti-virus software is doing its job, backups are running consistently and data can be restored, and patches and updates are run at times of the day that minimise disruption to your business. 


2. A team of experts at your fingertips, no matter where you are. 

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Wherever you are located – whether at your desk, travelling or visiting a client site – when tech troubles occur, receiving help will not be a problem when you have a super service provider on board. Your IT support company should have a team of people at the ready to solve your IT dilemmas when they arise. In most cases, IT support can be provided through remote access to your machine, or a consultant can visit you onsite when required. Communicating with your IT service provider can be done over the phone or via email, or by logging job tickets through your own private portal, so you can contact your team at a time convenient for you.


3. Help you plan your IT budget and projects. 

 Network devices

It can be hard to see the future, but a quality IT service provider should be able to assist you align your business goals with your IT investment, and help you map out what technology investments you may need to achieve your goals over the next 12 months. Planning and budgeting isn’t always a fun job, but it means that your pathway to success is clearer and there are less surprises along the way. It’s always good to have a team of people who care about what you’re trying to achieve, and can help you get there, not just try to sell you the latest gadgets. 


4. Ensure a smooth transition to new office space. 

Office move

If an office move is on the horizon, your IT service provider should be able to help you plan a relocation and ensure the transition is easier for your whole team. A quality IT provider will be able to help you with things such as planning the layout of the new office, assessing cabling requirements and getting a new internet connection set up, right down to helping you plug the PCs back in and setting them up in the new space. Involving your IT service provider in an office move well in advance can make your life infinitely easier and mean far less downtime for the business.  


5. Help keep your team’s tech skills up to date. 

Ben Love at #SBD2018

Does your team need to update their tech skills? If they do, a good IT service provider should be able to provide access to free webinars, great trainers, and other learning opportunities, as well as organise personalised training workshops for your staff. They may not have training resources available in-house, but they should have the knowledge to point you in the right direction when it comes to training requirements. At Grassroots IT, we believe in equipping our clients with as much training and education as we can, so feel free to keep an eye out for any upcoming webinars and workshops.


6. Give you access to the IT brains trust. 

Talk to an TI expert

Sometimes it’s just handy to be able to run an idea past someone technical, who’s in touch with the leading edge of IT. Having a great IT service provider means that you have a trusted partner in your corner, someone you can call to chat to about business and project ideas, to give tech advice when required and work out what’s possible. With a whole team available, equipped with a wide range of expertise, experience and skills, having a great IT service provider is like having access to an IT encyclopedia!  

Running a business is a big job, and it can be enough just to manage and maintain your organisation’s health without also having to solve IT troubles. But, there are many IT experts out there more than willing to share the load with you (and when somebody calls for help, it makes them feel a bit like Ghostbusters of the IT world). A group of seasoned tech engineers who are eager to take the time to understand your business and its needs are just the type of IT service provider your business should be working with. 

Take time to assess your business’ IT needs to figure out which type of IT service company would work best for you. Or if you already have a provider, consider whether they truly are making your life easier or whether it’s time to find an IT service provider who does. If you would like more information and pricing on the services Grassroots IT can provide, click on the link below for a quote. 



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