Grassroots IT has a team of IT experts that can help you achieve your goals and bring meaningful change to your business. With our seasoned IT helpdesk engineers servicing our clients across Australia and New Zealand, we can provide excellent IT support to the people in your organisation when you need it, tailored to the requirements of your business.

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The helpdesk team at Grassroots IT (lovingly called the #nerdherd) boasts a wide range of technical backgrounds, including Sophos and Microsoft certifications, complemented by strong managerial capabilities and extensive experience working with small to medium businesses. As well as being super clever, our technicians are all friendly and approachable and can speak about IT issues in a human way. 

We know how frustrating it can be to have tech issues hamper productivity in the workplace. Our helpdesk team is on hand with fast and valuable solutions to ensure that your business can keep moving forward.

Silver Cloud Productivity

Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

How we can help

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Managed IT Support

Rather than just calling for support whenever something breaks, we can proactively manage your IT systems to minimise tech issues arising in the first place. Read more.

SAT Staff Training

Planning and Strategy

Before we start providing helpdesk support, our expert IT consultants will assess your business and consider your business goals and IT requirements before we work out the best strategy for IT support in your business. 

Value for money

Value for money

We make sure that you're getting the most out of your IT investment by providing you the services that you NEED. No geek speak, no bells and whistles, just meaningful IT solutions to cater to your unique requirements.

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Our IT Helpdesk team in Brisbane HQ is equipped with enterprise grade software and tools that we use to provide for your IT support needs. We also have a long list of trusted resource partners and industry experts on hand so we can best cater to your IT helpdesk needs.

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There are many ways our clients can access their IT helpdesk - via telephone, email or their very own portal. Our Grassroots portal enables you to log a job ticket or check on the progress of your tickets at any hour of the day or night. 

Expert Advice

Our team is comprised of seasoned IT experts that boast many years of experience in a wide range of IT industries. We are a team of lifelong learners dedicated to becoming masters of our craft and gaining knowledge and certifications in areas to better assist our clients.

Want to meet our #nerdherd? Click here to meet our team.

FAQs about IT Helpdesk

When can I call your IT help desk?

Our helpdesk team is available Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 7:00am to 6:00pm AEST.

If you need assistance beyond our coverage hours, on-call services are available but additional charges do apply.

The great news is that you can also log tickets via your very own Support portal, or via email. Check our Support Centre for more details. 

Can you help me with my IT issues remotely?

Yes, we sure can. Our friendly and responsive helpdesk support team will be able to assist you without either of us leaving our desks! We have special tools in place to be able to access your machines remotely, which we do at a prearranged time with your approval. Our clients can log a helpdesk ticket via their very own Grassroots portal, or via email or phone. Once the ticket is logged, one of our friendly technicians will be in touch to arrange access to your machine so you can be back on track asap.

What are the differences between onsite IT Support and Remote IT Support?

An onsite IT Support service means that one of our skilled tech support engineers will give you a visit to personally check on the issue and amend it while on your physical site.

A remote IT Support service can be performed by our skilled tech support engineers from Brisbane, New Zealand or Clark either by instructing solutions through a phone call or by remote controlling your computer.

How do you charge for your IT support services?

We work with our clients based on a Managed Services Agreement, which is customised to the needs and size of your organisation and charged on a monthly basis. Most of the IT work that’s carried out will be covered under the flat monthly fee, which makes budgeting for IT services really simple. Special projects, work done outside our coverage hours (7am to 6pm) and products procured can be quoted on an ad-hoc basis as your business requires.

What if your IT Consultant cannot diagnose or solve the problem?

The benefit of having a highly skilled team of senior IT engineers with various specialities means that, even if your original IT consultant cannot solve the problem straight away, we have a process to handle escalations when more demanding problems need that bit extra TLC.

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