IT Management as a Service

Drive traction and accountability from your IT with an experienced consultant operating as your internal IT Manager.  

IT that delivers results

There’s nothing more frustrating than IT that fails to deliver; projects not delivered on time or on budget, staff frustrated with poor support, and systems that cause more problems than they solve. You have the strategy in place, now you need to see it through to execution. This is where the rubber needs to hit the road, plan made and people held accountable.

The Challenge

When done badly (or not at all) IT Management can result in a lack of traction, wasted money and unhappy staff. IT will be seen as a source of headaches and a costly but unavoidable burden on the business rather than a powerful point of leverage. The challenge as a business leader without the time or technical expertise is how to bring IT back under control while not losing focus on your own core role. 

The Solution

Our IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS) is an ongoing engagement where one of our senior consultants will embed themselves with your organisation to fully understand your business, people and culture and act as your IT Manager. Our consultants have wide experience translating business needs into technology outcomes, can follow a plan, and have the expertise to pull all members of the team together to follow necessary routines, meeting rhythms and structured agendas.

The benefits of IT Management as a Service

Focus staff on their core role

For organisations without a dedicated IT Manager the role often falls to another manager, staff member, or IT administrator. Not only does this distract this person from their core role, they will often be operating without appropriate technical or business expertise to perform effectively. Our ITMaaS consultants have the IT and business experience necessary to translate business requirements into technical outcomes, freeing your staff to focus on the highest and best use of their time. 

Traction and Accountability

Without experienced IT Management driving everything in the right direction, IT will often become reactive, only responding when necessary, rather than proactively managing to agreed outcomes. Our ITMaaS consultants will work with you to align IT strategy, agree on priorities and deliver agreed outcomes, all through our proven ITMaaS framework. 

Industry knowledge

The IT industry moves fast, which can make it difficult for a full time IT Manager to stay current with technology and business trends. Our ITMaaS consultants remain exposed to many clients and industries, using this up to date knowledge to help spot opportunities within your business. They are also backed by a team of consultants and technicians available to be called on at any time. 

I have worked with many outsourced service providers over my career and without exception the Grassroots IT team are in a different league. They are an asset and a perfect fit into my team. Grassroots IT provide me exceptional value managed services, provisioned by a team of dedicated hardworking staff – staff who I trust and whose effort continues to improve and impress.

Craig O'Connor

IT Manager, Darwin Port


Grassroots IT has developed our ITMaaS offering to help organisations manage their overall IT (not just the infrastructure) and to meet the changing needs of the business. This is of course different to simply keeping the lights on and the core infrastructure running, taking a more proactive approach to delivering technology solutions to meet the business needs.

Our ITMaaS is an ongoing program with engagement on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis where we act as your IT Manager to help drive traction and deliver outcomes from your IT. Our proven ITMaaS framework covers all key aspects that an IT Manager would be responsible for in a systematic methodology cover six key areas. 

Management & Communications

Bringing leadership and key stakeholders together on the same page with a shared vision, understanding and vocabulary.

Vendor, App & License Management

Manage third-party vendor engagements, contracts, usage & costs to best advantage.

Strategy & Roadmap

Align & execute IT & Business strategies, IT budget and prioritised roadmap of initiatives.

Security & Risk

Identify & mitigate risk around business continuity and cybersecurity.

Governance, Policy & Process

Establish &  implement appropriate IT policy, process & governance to ensure good ongoing IT management.

Productivity & Business Advantage

Identify & action opportunities for continuous improvement through technology & user adoption.