IT Management Services

Reliable execution of your IT strategy

IT Management ensures that your IT service delivery (including helpdesk, service, support and the like) stays on track with your objectives.

 It offers the discipline to make things happen as they should, to an agreed timeframe.

Without IT management, your business will experience the pain of a help desk not functioning as it should; projects not happening on time as expected; and your people not having clear systems and processes. It all leads to inefficiencies and frustration.

When done badly, IT Management can result in a lack of traction, or in having a strategy without any action. You won’t understand costs, work in a partnership, or have transparency.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to IT management. Rather, it needs to work in your business. It may look like an ongoing work function, or it may involve a project. If so, it will include holding a project accountable to timelines.

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In terms of available tiers of IT Management, you can expect:

  • Strategy (the initial body of work then annual strategy review)
  • Management (with weekly or monthly cadence depending on your needs), and
  • Service delivery (how things are going with help desk, or with issues in the business)

Being a management role, an IT Manager is involved in executing the plans and strategies for the business, rather than clicking buttons and installing software.

Grassroots IT MFA Cheatsheet

IT Management is the execution of your strategy. It calls for someone more senior, with experience on the tools, who can follow a plan. This person – just like a Site Manager on a building site – has the expertise to pull all members of the team together and follow necessary routines, meeting rhythms, and structured agendas.

They are the “eyes and ears” into the organisation, who can see changes and adjust accordingly. They will carry out reporting so that you can see progress and know what’s going on.

If you choose to handle your IT Management internally, you could expect to pay up to $150K for a good quality employee. Yet that person will not be able to rub shoulders with the industry and determine what’s happening, so you may be better off outsourcing your IT Management. 

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