IT Project Delivery

How the right MSP can deliver a better employee experience

Running a successful business or enterprise today is all about empowering people to do their job in a safe, productive and attractive way. That’s why as a C-suite executive, you’ll understand that IT is simply one piece of the bigger business jigsaw. How your people interact with your IT infrastructure is another vital piece.

For this reason, IT project delivery should be more than just “installing the equipment”. It needs to reach further – to ensure that the people in your organisation understand it, use it effectively, and produce the best ROI for your business.

Otherwise, at the very best your investment will be under-utilised. At worst, it can lead to inefficiency, lost productivity and in many cases, costly and damaging security breaches.

That’s where expert IT project delivery from an experienced MSP can be so valuable. 

At Grassroots IT, we partner with you to help you to set the right direction, understand the right order, and get the best result from your IT project delivery.

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Choosing the right IT project delivery partner

It is one thing to decide on a technical solution to solve a business problem, such as Microsoft Office 365 migration, SharePoint development, or desktop computer deployment.

Having that project delivered seamlessly  is an entirely different matter. After all, you don’t want to make mistakes, buy the wrong gear, or be caught out.

To be effective, IT needs to understand the bigger picture of what you want to achieve for your business. That’s why your IT partner should ask questions. They should understand clearly what your business problems and desired outcomes are. And only then, deliver the service accordingly.

At Grassroots IT we never stop at answering the questions our clients ask us. We go further, exploring why they are asking, so that we can get to the nub of their business problem, and facilitate IT project delivery that suits. 

For example, if your business problem is coming up with a better way to manage documents, we won’t simply set up a Sharepoint doc library and call the job done. 

Instead, we’ll investigate what you need the end product to look like, before designing and implementing a solution that will do the job, well into the future. 

By considering these future scenarios, we ensure that your IT project delivery meets your needs in the short and long term.

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