In a rapidly changing world it can be hard to know which decisions will drive your business forward, and which ones may prove to be costly distractions.

Even with a clear strategy in place, consistent execution on that strategy can be an ongoing challenge. Our IT strategy and consulting will give you the confidence that your technology is aligned with your long term business strategy to help manage growth, improve profit and drive positive change.

Our IT Strategy and Planning Services

Best Practice Review

Through our structured framework, our consultants can

  • Uncover the areas of your IT with room for improvement.
  • Deliver a roadmap and clear recommendations that prioritise your IT initiatives in line with your business objectives, business strategies, business process and short term and long term goals.

IT Management

IT Management is more than simply keeping core infrastructure running. Our experienced consultants help to proactively manage your overall IT activities to

  • Execute on IT plans
  • Maintain alignment with business strategy and;
  • Meet the constantly changing needs of your business.

IT & Business Alignment

Strong IT-Business alignment is critical to truly leverage the potential strategic advantage that information technology offers. Misalignment can result in wasted money, conflicting priorities and organisational disruption.

Our consultants work closely with you to ensure that your Information Technology strategies are closely aligned with your core business strategies.

Solution Design

Effective IT solutions require the careful selection of technology products and services combined with expert implementation, all with laser-focused attention on achieving the desired business outcomes.

Our experienced consultants work with you to properly understand your business processes and strategic plans before designing a solution to meet your needs.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster scenarios can range from simple human error to catastrophic natural disasters, but all have the potential to cripple an unprepared business.

Our consultants work with you to understand your organisational risk profile and current level of preparedness before putting forward recommendations and delivering solutions to prepare your business to weather the worst.

Project Management

Good Project Management ensures that business investments deliver optimum outcomes. Our project team has the skills and experience to plan, execute and monitor your projects so they deliver the stated objectives in the planned timeframe. 

We take a collaborative approach with all stakeholders and one of our key success criteria is that our clients ‘would do it all again’.

How we can help

We can help you with Strategy First IT

Strategy First IT

We can help you with Consulting


We can help you with Project Management

Project Management

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