IT Strategy Review

Move your IT from being a cost centre to an asset

An IT strategy review looks at the big picture of your business’s IT, so that you can see what shape it is in, and whether it is working to help achieve your business goals.

Many business people don’t think of IT as being a part of their supply chain, instead seeing it as something needed to “keep the lights on”.

Yet once IT changes to being an asset, it can be a significant competitive advantage for your business.

Without an IT strategy review, your business will fall behind. The world of IT is ever-changing, and an IT strategy review helps keep you ahead of the game and helps prevent missed opportunities.

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How can an IT strategy review help your business?

Having the right IT strategy can help your business improve its processes, meet organisational needs, and give you the right maintenance, support, and staffing for your IT systems.

“Cybersecurity risks are well-known”

An IT strategy review helps you shift from a reactive stance, only acting when something goes wrong with your IT, towards a more strategic perspective. By clarifying and communicating your long-term business goals, you can more clearly see what decisions and actions you’ll need over the short- and medium-term.

With this strategic focus, you can shift into a more proactive stance and build out a roadmap to help avoid emergencies, downtime, and unexpected problems with your IT. 

The right IT strategy can help your IT become an asset for your business, not simply an expense.

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The essential elements of an IT strategy review 

A good IT strategy review should look at what you are currently doing in IT; for example your resources,  procedures, tools, and people. It should encompass: 

1) IT asset inventory

Defining your current infrastructure and management state with an asset inventory will help you understand what assets can be part of your IT strategy. It can also show what needs to be either incorporated or replaced for the best result.  

In this context, “asset” doesn’t just include your physical assets. It should also include what IT platforms, systems, and the like are in use. For example, if you use Microsoft 365, then that should be part of this inventory.

2) Desired IT site environment

Your IT strategy review should define where your IT site environment will live. Many other IT infrastructure and management features will stem from this analysis.

3) Security and governance requirements

The amount and type of security your IT environment needs is largely dependent on your governance requirements. Look at what compliance standards you fall under (whether they are national, state, local, industry, etc.) and how they will affect your IT strategy.

4) Assess servers, devices, and storage

Your IT strategy review should look at your existing infrastructure servers and application servers. Referring to your IT asset inventory (above) will assist in accounting for all the critical servers.

5) Customer, user, and IoT interfaces

There are likely many ways that users, services, and IoT devices can access your data, content, and applications. All of these need to be looked at and carefully assessed.

6) Transport and delivery

It’s not just how users will experience your content.  Data and application transport and delivery are also important parts of an IT strategy review, since they define what protocol and telecommunications pathways customers and users will travel to reach your content. 

7) IT personnel and management

You cannot achieve digital transformation without reviewing and revising your personnel structure. An IT strategy review looks at what IT and non-IT personnel will be needed to implement your business’s IT vision. 

8) Costs and budget

Lastly, you will need to define your expected IT strategy costs, both for your organisational-specific items and infrastructure and management costs.

Why choose an IT strategy review from Grassroots IT?

At Grassroots IT, we try not to wait for our clients to tell us what they need.

Instead, we take a proactive approach by having open conversations with management where ideas are freely shared.  This helps our team to understand why you are making decisions, and actively ensure that your IT strategy aligns with your objectives – instead of just following instructions.

In this way, we can identify areas where IT can be utilised to create a better outcome. For example, are your team using old fashioned pen and paper when a new app could save hours of work time?

That’s just one example of how we align tech to your business’s day-to-day functioning to create better outcomes through IT. 

An IT strategy review will help to find the solutions to fill the gaps, by thinking it through and looking at how your IT fits with your future business plans. For example, should you use a single vendor?  Or would you be better off with independent specialist tools or platforms? 

Knowing the right answers gives you a solid foundation for your IT going forward, by aligning your business ideas with appropriate technologies.

Most importantly, with Grassroots IT, you’ll end up with a partner who understands both your business and your IT. A partner who will look at how the entire jigsaw fits together in terms of HR, sales, stock handling, CRM, accounting and more.

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