Every organisation needs to ensure that IT is delivering on its unique purpose and ultimately contributing to the success of the overarching business mission. 

A clear vision

You have a solid business strategy in place, but is your IT strategy equally as clear? The risk is that without a clear, well informed strategy you may be throwing good money after bad, with IT ultimately not contributing anything of value towards the success of your business. Worse yet, poorly focused IT initiatives may be risking real damage to the organisation, such as undermining management credibility or leaving the business exposed to cybersecurity risks.

The Challenge

You need confidence that your IT efforts not only align with your business strategy, but also that it considers the latest in information technology and business, while being actionable and appropriately sized for your organisation. The world of information technology is complex and evolving at a rapid pace. The challenge is how to effectively develop and implement your organization’s IT strategy without being an IT expert yourself. 

The Solution

The solution is to partner with a team of technology and business professionals who bring years of experience building and executing IT strategy across a range of industries and organisations. Experts who are not only knowledgable in the latest technology, but also the realities of business leadership, with the experience to bring the two together into a compelling results. 


It aligns with Business Strategy

Everything that happens within your organization must stem from the overarching business strategy. Your IT strategy is no different. A clear IT strategy that aligns with your business strategy will ensure that IT is clear on its purpose and how it contributes to the overall success of the organization.

It moves you towards best practices

The world of information technology is filled with ‘best practices’ – those ways of doing things that are considered to deliver the best results. Knowing best practice lets us avoid the time and expense of having to discover it for ourselves, and as such should be factored into any effective strategy. Alignment to best practices must also be rightsized for the organisation, often meaning the pursuit of ‘better practice’ even if you never truly achieve ‘best’ practice.

It is right-sized for the organisation

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your IT strategy. Something that may be onerous and overly complex for one organisation may be simplistic and lacking in substance for another. It is important that you carefully consider such factors as organisational size, maturity, capabilities, budget and appetite for risk, to ensure that the strategy sets a strong foundation for action rather than sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

Grassroots IT has greatly assisted our business with their reliable, efficient and seamless support. Before we engaged Grassroots IT, our IT system and support caused us many headaches and took up so much of our time and focus . Grassroots IT has changed and improved our IT system at Vital Chemical by making it well maintained and managed function so as we can direct our energy back to our business.”

Letiscia Xavier

Director, Vital Chemical



Our IT strategists will work with you to develop an IT Strategy that aligns with your Business Strategy and IT best practices. IT could be a core component of the business strategy, driving revenue or efficiency, or it could be to provide a secure and productive environment for your team. Either way, careful attention will be paid to factors such as organisational capabilities, budget and risk appetite to ensure that the resulting strategy is unique and right sized for your business.


We will work with you to help drive the implementation of your agreed strategy to ensure that it forms the foundation for meaningful, positive change and doesn’t become a white elephant on the shelf.

Our team understands the people and change management side of implementation and can advise you on the potential pitfalls that can get in the way of IT adoption.

IT Best Practice Review

We conduct a structured audit and review of your existing IT platforms, infrastructure and processes before putting forward recommendations to move you closer to best practice in areas such as cybersecurity, cloud services and IT governance.

Our recommendations are based on extensive consultation with, and updates from leading IT practitioners from across the globe and can not only inform your IT Strategy but form the basis of an IT roadmap.

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