Our Managed IT Support Services set you up for success with friendly and responsive helpdesk support, combined with proactive management of your technology systems, all at a fixed monthly price. Having the right technology in place is only the first step. We can help you receive the ongoing value, productivity and ROI from your investment in IT that you need.

Benefits of our Managed IT Support Services

Faster Problem Resolution

Professionally managed systems, thorough documentation and an expert team of engineers already familiar with you and your business systems means resolution of problems will be faster, easier and more effective.

Reduced Risk

With an expert team familiar with your business systems not only proactively addressing any emerging issues, but also providing rapid and knowledgeable resolution of problems, we facilitate more reliable technology, smoother operations and less downtime and frustration.

Proactive Solutions

Constant monitoring and a proactive maintenance schedule let us quickly identify any emerging issues with your systems, and proactively address them before they have a costly and disruptive impact on your business operations.

Support When You Need It

With our support team covering three time zones we are there when you need us. Starting early in Auckland before transitioning to head office in Brisbane (AEST) and then Clark (AWST) throughout the day, our extended support hours mean faster resolution times to any problems.

Predictable Support Costs

Fixed monthly costs for unlimited helpdesk support gives you the freedom to fully engage with our expert engineers safe in the knowledge that your operational budgets will remain intact.

Less Distractions

With our experts managing your IT, your people can stay focused on the highest and best use of their time, without the constant distractions of trying to manage IT and fix technology problems.

What's Included in our Managed IT Support Services?

Helpdesk Support

Our support team is there to ensure that any issues are quickly addressed to keep staff happy and productive.

  • Extended support hours with 24x7 on-call
  • Support available via email, chat and phone
  • Support Portal for managing tickets

Monitoring & Maintenance

Key systems are monitored 24x7 to maximize uptime and optimize performance.

  • Server and network device 24x7 automated monitoring
  • Alerts remediated by our NOC team
  • Server & workstation patch management
  • Automated system optimization

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Recover systems and business operations as quickly as possible in the event of disaster.

  • Daily backup monitoring and monthly test restore
  • Backup configuration and management
  • Backup restoration


Cybersecurity is more important than ever before, with baseline inclusions in every agreement:

  • Endpoint security protection and management
  • Network firewall management
  • Security monitoring & alerting


Maintain visibility of IT operations with regular reporting:

  • Monthly Insight Report
  • Customizable reporting as required

What should you look for in a Managed Services Provider?

Get our free checklist of questions to ask a potential MSP before sealing the deal.

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