Managed IT

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT Services from Grassroots IT allow you to outsource the management of your day-to-day technology and enjoy what is essentially your own personal IT department.
Incorporating Managed IT Services into your business will effectively address both Helpdesk (IT Support) and Network Management, key functional requirements of the modern office, turning your technology investment into a strategic asset.

Our Managed IT Services are offered at a flat monthly rate equipping you with consistent pricing and budget predictability.

  • Remove frustrations.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Optimise systems
  • Avoid IT problems
  • Avoid unnecessary IT expense
  • Stabilise IT budget

Managed IT Services provide proactive IT support and management to improve productivity and turn your technology investment into a winner.

  • Unlimited helpdesk support for all staff
  • Proactive network management
  • Business planning and advice
  • Budgeting advice
  • IT strategy advice
  • Customised IT solutions
  • First-class customer service

Enjoy the competitive advantage afforded through Managed IT Services Integrating Managed IT Services into your business means we act as your business partner.

  • increase the effectiveness of your business operations
  • align your technology with your business goals
  • streamline IT for improved productivity
  • incorporate the philosophy of the Modern Office into your business.

Do you have questions about how Support Agreements work?

Click through to see frequently asked questions about the agreements we have in place with clients when we manage their IT.

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The overall experience I’ve had while working alongside Grassroots has been mind blowing – the team offers such incredible support with a very human aspect. Not once has it felt scripted or cold like other IT support can sometimes be.

Tim Combridge