Ben Love Managing Director Grassroots IT

Meet Ben Love

Ben’s love of tinkering with computers started as young as eight and he begged his mum to buy a Commodore 64. While studying a double degree in Commerce and Arts at the University of Queensland, his IT career officially began working in the University’s IT department. His future IT positions involved selling software and hardware to small and medium businesses, supporting enterprise level IT for a multinational finance company, and managing the IT support for a resort in the Whitsundays.

Over the varied roles, Ben honed his ability to see the big picture, understand the needs of a client and propose technology solutions that would work for them. His broad exposure to technology was balanced from big to small business, and from high to low budget, which taught him that technology used well can provide an outstanding competitive advantage for any business. Ben’s mission resolved in a passion — to bring IT help to humans. Grassroots IT is the outcome, which he has now been running since 2005.