Office 365 For the real world

This Webinar covers

In this webinar Mia walks through some real life examples of how businesses are utilising the features already included in their Office 365 subscription for more efficiency and savings, including:

  • File storage and sharing – using Sharepoint and OneDrive instead of Dropbox
  • Surveys and forms – using Microsoft Forms and Flow, rather than paying for Survey Monkey
  • Managing workflow – using Planner instead of Trello
  • Managing systems and training new staff – using Sharepoint and Stream
  • For communication and meetings – using Teams rather than Zoom
  • For simple applications and automation – using Microsoft Power Apps and Flow


For a recap of the main points of the webinar, please see this blog post.

Do you have a copy of our Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Checklist? Download it now.

To watch the full webinar on-demand, just click on the image above to play. We hope you gain some valuable takeaways from this discussion. 

If you need any further information about how to best use Office 365 apps to drive positive change in your business, please use this link to make a time to chat with us.

Everything you need to know about Office 365 for Non-profit organisations

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