• Virtualization

    Optimise your IT investment

    Is your technology taking over your office? Do you wish you could implement new technologies but simply do not have the space to do so? The Modern Office demands that the functional areas of Business Systems and Network Management be streamlined, efficient and effective. Clogging up your office with physical delivery systems to store more data and applications is not the answer.

    Virtualization is the answer, with the capabilities to store virtual copies, rather than actual copies, of computer hardware, operating systems and whole computer networks. With virtualization, you don’t need the physical delivery of services, because you have a virtual delivery!

    • Virtualization technologies allow you to enjoy more advanced technology without installing more equipment in your office.

For example, with virtual memory, your software can access more memory than is physically installed in your computer, via the background swapping of your data onto disk storage. Virtualization techniques can be applied to other aspects of your business IT as well, including: networks, storage, laptop or server hardware, operating systems and applications. Virtualization allows you to do more with less.

Virtualization from Grassroots IT gives your business the power to:

  • Improve application performance – with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Get back on track after a disaster – with simplified recovery solutions
  • Increase utilization – by consolidating your servers
  • Go green – lower your electricity bills with fewer servers

Best of all, implementing a virtual infrastructure in your business is non-disruptive, since using your computers will be no different than it is now. However, virtual infrastructure gives administrators the advantage of managing pooled resources across your business, allowing The Modern Office requirement for Network Management to be more responsive to changing business needs and better leverage infrastructure investments.

Simplify using your business technology