The grassroots IT portal

We know that technology can be frustrating at times and doesn’t always work the way we want it to. And we also know that if you need something fixed, you want it to happen as efficiently as possible AND be able to easily keep track of where your job is up to. So we wanted to make lodging and keeping track of your job tickets as easy as possible.

Welcome to the Grassroots IT Portal!

Watch the quick video above to get an overview on how the portal works, or follow the instructions below.

How to Log In:

Double click on the green and white G icon in your system tray – usually in the toolbar on the bottom right of your screen(which probably looks a bit like this). If you are a Managed client of Grassroots IT, this should already be installed on your computer.

how the Grassroots portal icon appears in the system tray

If you are on a different computer or can’t find your system tray icon, you can log in to the portal by going to (If you have any trouble with your username or password, please give us a call.)

When you’re inside the portal, you can find out information such as your computer name by clicking on the top right of your portal screen. You will also be able to see if you have any notifications.

How to Create a New Ticket:

Create a new ticket by clicking on ‘Create Ticket’ in the task bar on the left side, and then you can add in all the details of the problem you are experiencing:

enter all the details for your job in the Grassroots portal

If you’d like to, add in a screen shot (a picture of your screen when it’s experiencing the problem) and attach the file by clicking on the paperclip.

Then press the grey Submit button to submit the ticket.

submit the job ticket in the Grassroots portal

Once you have logged your ticket, you should receive an email with confirmation of the job ticket.

a confirmation email will be sent to you after you've logged a job ticket

How to Check on the Progress of Tickets:

If you want to go and check on the progress of the ticket or add in any further information, click on the ‘click here to view the ticket’ link in the email or go directly to the portal to view your list of open tickets.

view open tickets in the Grassroots portal

Within the portal, you will also have access to Closed Tickets, as well as Notifications and Settings.

For alternative support options, please go to our Support Centre.