Here’s a Rundown of our Support Ticket Process


When you log a support ticket, this is what happens to resolve your request:

1. Automatic Acknowledgment

You will receive an emailed acknowledgment that your request has been received and logged.

2. New Service Ticket

A new service ticket is generated with a ticket number that can be used to track your request via the Grassroots Portal

3. Ticket Triage

Yep, just like when you turn up at the Emergency department in the hospital, your ticket will be assessed on criteria including urgency and impact, and assigned to the appropriate member of the Helpdesk team to get it resolved for you.

Please let us know how urgent the issue is from your perspective when you are logging the ticket – this helps us to triage if we understand the importance and impact of the issue to you.

4. Contact

You will receive an email or a phone call from the assigned Helpdesk team member as they work on your issue.

5. Automatic Updates

Our system will automatically update you via email as your ticket progresses through to resolution.

6. Ticket is Resolved

When your ticket is resolved, you’ll receive an email saying that the ticket is now marked as closed and asking you to give us feedback on how we did with your request. Did we do an awesome job? Great! Click on the green smiley face and leave a comment and our technicians will know you were happy with their work. Do we need to improve? Fair enough. Click on the red sad face and send us a note to let us know where we can do better. Whether positive or negative, we always appreciate hearing from our clients and knowing ways we can improve, so we’d love if you could take a minute to send your feedback.

Please submit your feedback

Two special requests we ask of you:

If you’re sending an email related to a ticket you already have OPEN…

If a ticket has been generated and you want to respond or update us about the same issue, please REPLY to the email notification you receive, rather than creating a new email. This allows the system to keep all related correspondence in the same ticket.

If you’re sending an email relating to a NEW issue…

If you have to notify us of an un-related problem, please create a fresh email to and do NOT reply to an existing case or ticket email.