Webinar: How to get the most out of LinkedIn for Business


17 July, 2014.
12.00pm to 12.45pm.

Join us for a short lunch & learn webinar with Toby Jenkins from BlueWireMedia and discover the power of LinkedIn for your business.

  • How LinkedIn fits into your overall web marketing strategy
  • How to pimp out your profile
  • Why leading with generosity is essential to your success
  • The importance of a personal touch
  • How you can use LinkedIn to maximise events
  • How to use LinkedIn for sales and prospecting

Toby Jenkins Headshot

Toby Jenkins is the author of Web Marketing That Works and the bonus 33 free web marketing templates that come with it. He is the CEO of web marketing firm Bluewire Media and an Olympic Water Polo player. He can be found on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.