Westside Corporation chooses Grassroots IT for Managed IT Support

Client facts:

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Staff: 150+

George Blake, the IT Manager at Westside Corporation, has worked with many MSPs over the years. But he says there are few that deliver like Grassroots IT. “Grassroots IT are second to none with their knowledge of systems,” George said. “They have skilled staff – not people learning their way on my time. Their high end employees are very good.”

“They understand that I want a pre-planned approach to get my staff involved, not just leave it to people to figure it out themselves,” he said.

“They are responsive and they help me to keep IT under control.”

“Grassroots IT have an interest in our business, and they take the time to understand our strategy,” he said. “They then implement accordingly with the end goal in mind.”

Expert support on IT solutions

George Blake said that Grassroots IT offer more than simply managed IT support.

“They give us good advice, such as when we’re choosing hardware or software,” he said. “Their job is to deliver a solution, and they do it well.” Proactivity in IT support is another quality George values highly. “There’s no need to micromanage them. They understand what we need, and they get on with it,” he said. “Their security guys make sure it is done correctly, and they keep us up-to-date along the way.”

George said Westside Corporation and Grassroots IT work together in a close partnership. “They make sure the business has a common picture, and if they are unsure they will consult with us, rather than just doing things their way,” he said. “Yet they don’t need a lot of handholding or communications – they simply get on with things.”

A true IT partnership

George said that in his experience, IT must be a partnership between the MSP and the client. That’s exactly what he gets from Grassroots IT.

“Grassroots IT are an extension of our team,” George said. “Actually, it’s more like they’re a part of our team.”

“You know IT is working if no one is talking about it,” he said. “With Grassroots everything runs well; they take the time to understand what I need.”

“It’s definitely one of the better engagements I’ve experienced. “

Installing new IT solutions is another area where Grassroots IT have shone. “You can’t just leave it to someone who isn’t engaged and expect a good outcome,” George said. “How the installation is managed is critical — you need people who will engage with the business for implementation and Grassroots IT do that.”

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