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The Essential Guide to IT Support for Business Leaders

Whether you have an in-house IT support team, or work with an outsourced IT partner, as a non-technical leader, it can be hard to know what you should and shouldn’t expect from your IT Support, making it difficult to effectively manage and hold them accountable.

In this guide we demystify what good IT support looks like. We clarify what activities IT support should and shouldn’t be held accountable for and provide guidance on what you should expect from a well-performing team.

Importantly we also discuss areas of IT that are not considered “IT Support” but are still critically important to the success of your business. This knowledge will empower you to have the right conversations and make effective decisions towards embedding the quality of IT support services that your organisation deserves.



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About this guide

Reliable, well-maintained IT systems are essential for productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, yet too many business owners still find themselves struggling with their technology, distracting them from the far more important task of growing their business. Does that sound familiar?

If it does, then you have a problem with your IT Support. With high performing IT support in place, whether an in-house team, or outsourced to an IT partner, all of those problems will go away. Issues will be resolved rapidly, with proper attention to the root cause, not just temporary band-aid fixes.

Communication will be transparent, with business leadership properly informed and supported.

Your IT will shift from being an expensive, frustrating overhead to a powerful, strategic enabler. 

Who this guide is for

This guide is for anyone concerned with the alignment of an IT Support team with business leadership. You may be a non-technical business leader looking to improve communication and accountability of your IT support provider, or you may yourself be directly in-charge of delivering IT support, looking to better align your efforts with the expections of the business. 

In this free guide you will learn:

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