The latest news from The Garden Shed

  • Customer Service is the New Marketing

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou Have you ever wondered why customer service is more important than ever? Do you wish you could use social media can help you improve your customer service? Have […]

  • Ask the #Nerdherd: How Fast Is My Internet?

    Questions about internet speed have to be up there in the list of most common queries that we get at the Helpdesk, so it seemed like a perfect topic for Ben to address in ‘Ask the #Nerdherd‘. Have a watch of this video for more details, or read below for a summary: So, the first thing […]

  • The Small Business Download: an event roundup

    Guest post by Aimee Engelmann from Beepo.   On Thursday afternoon, 7 September, we gathered for the inaugural Small Business Download event for small business leaders. First up, Loft Bar in West End, Brisbane, was an awesome venue and it was great to witness a connected bunch of business leaders ready to learn and network. Here’s […]

  • Using Microsoft Flow to sync database to Mailchimp

    How we use Microsoft Flow to sync our Client Database to Mailchimp

    Like a lot of organisations, Grassroots IT has a ‘main’ software application that we use to run the business. In our case, it’s a product called Connectwise, which is specifically designed for IT service providers just like us. It’s what we use to manage all service tickets, projects, procurement, CRM, invoicing and so on. We […]

  • Creating Effective Sharepoint document library

    How to Design the Most Effective Sharepoint Document Library

    With recent updates from Microsoft, we’re seeing increased enthusiasm from clients wanting to either adopt, or increase their use of SharePoint Online for document storage and collaboration. The recent release of the new Onedrive for Business sync client has also remove one of the last remaining roadblocks for a number of organisations (ie: because it […]

  • How we operate seamlessly between Brisbane, Auckland and Clark

    How We Operate Seamlessly Between Brisbane, Auckland and Clark

    It’s been an amazing few years at Grassroots IT, not least of all because of the international growth that we’ve experienced both with our clients and our team. If you had have asked me five years ago whether Grassroots IT would one day not only be supporting multinational clients, but have our own workforce spread […]

  • How Can I Repair a Corrupt Hard Drive?

    It’s the moment we all hope never comes. That moment when you go to access that super important document, or browse those super cute baby photos from years ago, and you get some cryptic and largely useless error message on the screen telling you that no, you can’t access that file, because that hard drive […]

  • Why a 4G Backup Internet Connection is a Smart Idea

    We have all experienced the disruption and frustration that comes when the internet connection drops out. With so many of our business applications now cloud based, when the internet drops out productivity can screech to a very frustrating and expensive halt. Even for businesses not heavily dependent on cloud based applications, the loss of email […]

  • Microsoft (finally) release new OneDrive for Business Sync Client

    For those of us who have spent any time at all around Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, it has long been acknowledged that the OneDrive for Business sync client has been, quite simply, rubbish. Unless you treat it with kid gloves, the sync would simply stop working, and require manual repair to […]

  • How to Get Started with Sharepoint

    SharePoint is cloud-based software that businesses can use to create their own team sites and portals. These sites enable businesses to share and collaborate on their content with colleagues inside and outside the organization from any device. So, for example, picture a website that employees can login to, with a home page that has links through to the main apps used within their […]