A strong cyber-security stance is paramount not only to the protection and defence of your organization, but also to a successful response in the event of a breach. As agencies continue to increase regulatory requirements around cybersecurity related matters, such as Australia's Notifiable Data Breach legislation, reputational damage and large financial penalties are very real risks.

How we can help Your Business Stay Cybersecure

Security Best Practice

There are many elements to an effective cyber-security strategy. Using our structured review framework our consultants will assess your current position and prepare recommendations to align your organisation with industry best practice.

ASD Essential Eight

There is no single solution to protecting your organisation from cyber attack, necessitating a multi-layered approach. This sounds complex, but by following the Australian Cyber Security Centre's Essential Eight Maturity Model we can bring structure and order to securing our defences. Learn more...

Security Awareness Training

Statistics clearly show that human error is the leading source of cyber-breach, far out numbering other sources such as system fault or active hacking. Security awareness training can help keep staff vigilant with short, accessible training on topics such as how to recognize a malicious email. Learn more...

Network Security

As threats become more sophisticated traditional network protection is no longer enough. The current threat landscape requires advanced approaches to network security such as Intelligent Firewalls, segregated network architectures and sophisticated content and application control. 

Email and Cloud Security

Email is currently the most active cyber-attack vector threatening Australian businesses today, delivering not only productivity-destroying SPAM but also malware and malicious phishing attacks. With email and cloud security services in place all non-legitimate content will be actively blocked or quarantined.

End-point Protection

Endpoint security software (traditional known as Antivirus software) is as vital as ever in the fight to protect your computers from attack. With our advanced endpoint security offering we leverage the power of deep learning to provide next generation Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capabilities.

How do you keep your data secure?

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11 Ways to Stay Cyber Secure When Working from Home

Here are 11 ways that you can help your organization remain cyber secure with staff working remotely and working from home.

Top 9 Ways to Secure Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Top 9 Ways to Secure Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 has many security features and capabilities built in, however with a few simple steps you can greatly increase your cyber-security stance with some easy changes to system configuration and business practices. 

Human Error: The Weak Link in your Cybersecurity

Human Error: The Weak Link in your Cybersecurity

 In many cases, the cause of a cyber breach is something as simple as someone in an organisation unknowingly engaging with a suspicious email.

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