Cyber crime is rampant and every business is a target. With cybersecurity now on the boardroom agenda, keep your organisation safe with the right strategy, tools and experts on your side. 


The first step is to get a clear picture of your current security posture with a cybersecurity audit. Our security experts will audit your organisation before presenting a report on our findings and a roadmap of recommendations to better protect your organisation. 

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Our security experts will work with you to implement systems, processes and best practices to protect your organisation from cyber criminals and security breaches. 

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Cybersecurity threats are not only increasing in scale, but evolving in sophistication. As new threats emerge or security breaches occur our experts are on hand to respond quickly and effectively to keep your business safe.

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Understanding Cybersecurity Risk

Financial Risk

Cyber-attacks are almost always motivated by financial gain.  Whether it be a generic ransomware infection or a more targeted spear-phishing campaign, the bad actors are always looking for a payday at your expense, and given that most cyber attacks are carried out at scale, irrespective of size, industry or profile, your organisation is a likely target. 

Reputational Risk

Following a security breach there’s a very real risk that your organisation will suffer a loss of reputation and credibility with clients, suppliers and even staff. This is particularly true if you operate in areas such as finance or healthcare or are subject to the Australian government’s Mandatory Data Breach Notification. 

Disruption Risk

Most cybersecurity breaches will result in some degree of disruption to business operations, ranging from relatively minor right up to catastrophic.  Given what’s at stake it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is now on the boardroom agenda and business leaders are committing considerable resources to keep their organisations safe. 

 “Their job is to deliver a solution, and they do it well. Their security guys make sure it is done correctly, and they keep us up-to-date along the way.”

George Blake

IT & Systems Manager, Westside Corporation

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The top 5 cybersecurity threats all CEOs must understand

The top 5 cybersecurity threats all CEOs must understand

Navigating cybersecurity under normal circumstances is a challenge, let alone in an uncertain world where Covid-19 has caused a rapid shift in the way people and organisations work. This shift has led to cybercriminals upping the ante by devising new and easier ways to manipulate people and hack into companies, making cybersecurity threats greater than ever before.

5 questions board members need to ask about cybersecurity

5 questions board members need to ask about cybersecurity

Cybercrime is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that impacts organisations of all shapes and sizes. That means cybersecurity is no longer a matter to be left to your IT department. Ensuring that your organisation is properly protected from cyberattack must now be a board level priority.

4 Cybersecurity Essentials Every Business Should Have

4 Cybersecurity Essentials Every Business Should Have

It’s no secret that, as we become more and more dependent on technology to run our businesses and become reliant on internet-connected devices, both for our personal and professional lives, we also become more vulnerable to cyber threats. US$2.9 billion is lost to cybercrime each minute and, as at 2020, the average cost of a data breach was a staggering US$3.86 million. However, there are basic cybersecurity foundations we can put in place, ranging from simple to more complex, in order to protect ourselves and our businesses from cyber attacks.