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Grassroots IT is a managed service provider, specialising in Microsoft solutions. Our extensive IT expertise stems from our experience in collaborating with diverse clients across an array of industries and organisational levels. However, our strength comes from recognising how integral technology can be in empowering our clients and their businesses. Grassroots IT is more than just a company; it’s a fusion of passion, expertise, and a genuine desire to see businesses thrive with proven technological solutions.

We boast a talented team of dedicated professionals who share a commitment to learning, growing, and helping clients with tailored IT solutions. Over the years, Grassroots IT has fostered deep-rooted relationships with clients, establishing itself as a reliable technology partner.

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Our Values

What We Do

Grassroots IT is an experienced managed service provider with the ability to assist businesses with various IT solutions. Each of our service sectors includes several different services, which can be combined in a tailored package according to the needs of our clients.

IT Support
Enhance your business with our comprehensive managed IT services. With everything from Remote IT Support to Onsite IT Solutions, our expert team can ensure that your technology operates seamlessly, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.
IT Support Plan
Our tailored Support Plans are designed to cater to your ongoing business needs. Whether you're a start-up seeking solid tech solutions or an established company wanting to refine your IT solutions and processes, we can create a Support Plan for you. From rapid issue resolution to proactive systems monitoring, our support encompasses a wide spectrum of services. We’ll alleviate your tech worries and ensure your operations never miss a beat.
IT Help Desk
Is your business facing technical challenges? In the digital world, challenges can pop up at any time. Our IT Help Desk is at your service. Our team of experts are willing and ready to tackle your IT challenges head-on, ensuring minimal disruptions and swift solutions. Our Help Desk team can be mobilised at a moment’s notice to provide support remotely or visit you on-site if needed.
IT Field Services
For issues that require an on-site touch, our Field Service team is ready to help you. We'll come to you, equipped with the tools and expertise needed to get your systems back on track. From providing proactive solutions such as new staff IT set-up to assisting with troubleshooting and addressing your complex computer hardware issues, we can get our Tech Experts to you as soon as possible.
Onsite IT Support
When it comes to IT Support, we try to assist you remotely where possible, but sometimes our clients need a hands-on approach. In these scenarios, our Onsite IT Support team is here to provide the help you need, right at your doorstep. We'll troubleshoot your IT issues, optimise your hardware, and fine-tune your systems at your business location – or even multiple locations if needed.
Remote IT Support
Distance is no obstacle to resolving your tech issues. Remote IT Support can often provide faster solutions to your tech problems. Our Remote IT Support team will swiftly and safely connect to your system. From there, we can diagnose and solve issues from afar, ensuring your operations stay seamless. If needed, of course, we can also come and assist you in person with our Onsite IT Support services.
Cloud IT Support
Navigate the cloud with confidence. Your Cloud offers you limitless potential and can revolutionise your business. Yet it is critical for the safety of your important software and data. Our Cloud IT Support ensures your cloud-based systems are not only operational but optimised for peak performance and security.
Network Management
If you want your business to thrive, your digital highways must continue to run smoothly. Our Network Management services can ensure that your network is maintained properly, whether you have important data to protect or you are anticipating a surge in future. From setup to optimisation, we handle all aspects of network performance.
Infrastructure Management
A strong and secure IT infrastructure is the backbone of success within most businesses. Our Infrastructure Management services will ensure your hardware and software work together harmoniously. This means that your staff and your overall business will operate more efficiently than ever, allowing you to boost productivity and even increase bottom-line profits each year.
Managed IT
Busy businesses don’t have time for IT systems to let them down. Managed IT is our core service offering. We’re passionate about providing comprehensive long-term IT solutions to give you peace of mind. With our Managed IT services, we’ll take care of your tech needs comprehensively, so you can focus on driving your business forward. Whether you’re looking for a new IT partner or your business is growing at a faster rate than you can manage, we can help.
Co-managed IT
Do you already have an IT Professional – or even a team – working within your business? Collaboration meets expertise with our Co-Managed IT services. With this service, we’ll work collaboratively with your team, amplifying your tech capabilities with additional support. The details of this arrangement can vary according to your capabilities and your needs, but we will ensure that you have the ongoing IT Support that you need.
Vendor Management
Do you want to simplify your tech ecosystem? Many of our clients have multiple IT vendors they need to liaise with to get their problems solved. Our Vendor Management services streamline your interactions with tech suppliers, ensuring seamless integrations and support.
In our digital world, cyber threats are becoming more and more prevalent. Safeguard your digital assets with our robust Cybersecurity Solutions. Grassroots IT provides reliable and proven strategies to protect your data, systems, and reputation from evolving threats.
Cybersecurity Audit
Are you concerned about the strength of your organisation’s IT systems? Our Cybersecurity Audit involves a comprehensive review of your information systems. It identifies vulnerabilities, ensures compliance with industry regulations, and verifies that all your cyber defences are configured correctly. Conducting audits regularly means you’ll stay one step ahead of any potential cyber threats.
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is like a proactive health check for your company's tech environment. This way, you can dive deep into your IT world, identify your system’s vulnerabilities, and figure out any risks they pose. Then, together, we can map out a comprehensive strategy to amplify your organisation’s cybersecurity measures.
Cybersecurity Awareness
Are you employees taking unnecessary risks in your IT environment? As more businesses, embrace remote working or hybrid working models, cybersecurity risks become increasingly prevalent. Even the most sophisticated security software can be rendered useless if employees aren’t aware of the risks they face daily. Our Cybersecurity Awareness programs can educate your staff on the importance of cybersecurity. This can include the types of threats your staff might encounter, and best practices for avoiding and reporting potential security breaches.
Essential 8 Cybersecurity
Have you heard of the Essential 8? This is a suite of baseline cybersecurity strategies that businesses are recommended to implement. It provides a foundation for robust cybersecurity, including application control, patching applications, and restricting administrative privileges among other strategies.
Cybersecurity Plan/Strategy
Does your business have an up-to-date Cybersecurity Strategy? If not, it’s crucial that you constantly update your cybersecurity strategy to suit your business’s changing structure and goals. And it’s not only your business that changes; cybersecurity threats evolve and grow more sophisticated all the time, and your cybersecurity strategy needs to adapt accordingly. A cybersecurity strategy can outline your organisation’s defence objectives, resource allocation, and a create plan of action in the face of a potential breach. It's a roadmap to ensure that you’re not only protecting your current assets but also preparing for future threats.
Cybersecurity Management
Once you have a robust cybersecurity strategy, it’s crucial that you implement all the appropriate resources to manage your organisation’s cybersecurity needs. Imagine Cybersecurity Management as the guardian of your digital world. Just as we evolve and adapt in our daily lives, cyber threats change too. This means continuously tweaking and refining our game plan, ensuring your business stays one step ahead and shielded from these digital threats. It's all about keeping your business protected while the digital world continues to evolve.
Cloud Security
The power of the cloud offers some truly magical possibilities. But as businesses are increasingly shifting to cloud-based solutions, they also face the potential for increased risks. Cloud security services focus on safeguarding all your cloud-stored data, applications, and infrastructure from unauthorised access and any potential cyber threats. As you leverage the cloud's power, we’ll ensure its protection, providing secure and uninterrupted operation for your business.
With remote work commonplace, the cloud is everything. Embrace the power of the cloud with our tailored solutions. Whether you're looking for Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Data Recovery, or Managed Cloud solutions, our IT experts have you covered.
Managed Private Cloud
The private cloud provides businesses with an exclusive and secure environment that offers flexibility and customisation. Our Managed Private Cloud services ensure that your most important business applications and data are safe and secure. We create a controlled and dedicated space for your most important business assets. That means you’ll have all the benefits of cloud computing while retaining high levels of security and control.
Managed Public Cloud
Managed public clouds offer a superior level of flexibility and scalability. This makes them a preferred pick for businesses all over the world. Whether you're taking your first steps into the mystical world of the cloud or you’re looking to expand, our dedicated team can make sure your journey is streamlined, secure, and cost-effective. We can handle all of your Managed Public Cloud Services, and look after all the time-consuming behind-the-scenes complexities. This lets you focus on the parts of your business that really matter.
Cloud Data Recovery
Losing your cloud data or having it become compromised can be a terrifying experience, whether you have suffered a small data loss or a company-wide breach or cloud mishap. When unexpected events occur, the safety and swift recovery of your data is essential. Grassroots IT's Cloud Data Recovery solutions are about more than just backup; they're about peace of mind. Our expert team can implement robust recovery strategies at speed, making sure that your data is safe and accessible whenever you need it.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud service platforms. It offers customers a range of essential tools and services that they can leverage to help their businesses grow faster than ever. Our experts at Grassroots IT are experts when it comes to Azure's vast capabilities. We can introduce you and your team to Microsoft Azure and implement it within your business successfully, customising its features to suit your needs, all while ensuring security and efficiency.
Cloud Infrastructure
The modern digital world is changing faster than we could have ever imagined. In this environment, businesses must have a dynamic and resilient cloud infrastructure. When you work with Grassroots IT, you’ll get a dedicated tech partner who can create a robust cloud infrastructure that's resilient, adaptable, and perfectly aligned with your business goals.
Cloud Migration Services
Cloud migration covers the process of moving data, applications, and other business elements to cloud computing environments. Usually, this means moving your businesses’ data from your own servers or storage to a publicly hosted cloud.
With more and more businesses working with national or international stakeholders and remote employees, connectivity is more important than ever. Stay connected and productive with our reliable connectivity solutions. We can ensure your business remains seamlessly linked to boost efficiency and improve your ongoing business operations.
Business Internet Services
If you’re a thriving business, you’ll need more than just a standard Internet connection to operate at full capacity. The right business internet service can make all the difference when it comes to keeping up with your competitors. Grassroots IT’s Business Internet Services offer unmatched speed, reliability, and security. We can make sure that your business stays connected, operational, and ready to face any challenges. This creates a super-efficient environment where data-driven decisions can be made in real time.
MPLS Connectivity
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) refers to the super-efficient method of directing data traffic across enterprise networks. Grassroots IT’s MPLS Connectivity offers businesses a way to streamline their network traffic management. By prioritising data packets, it can ensure faster speeds, superior service, and enhanced security. MPLS Connectivity is perfect for businesses that need to facilitate swift and secure data transmission.
SD-WAN Connectivity
Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are revolutionising the way businesses think about network connectivity. Our SD-WAN Connectivity services offer businesses a better way to operate, allowing our clients can boost agility, unlock cost-efficiencies, and optimise cloud application performance. Best of all, they can securely connect users to applications and break free from rigid architectures. All up, it means a more agile and responsive network infrastructure, which gives them more flexibility.
Professional Services
Unlock exceptional expertise with our diverse range of professional services. From IT Infrastructure Projects and Consulting to Cloud Migrations, partner with us to achieve digital excellence.
IT Infrastructure Projects
Your company’s IT infrastructure is the foundation for its operational success. At Grassroots IT, we dive deep into your business from the very beginning to understand how it works. This enables us to make sure that every single IT infrastructure solution that we offer can be fine-tuned to work cohesively for your business. We can help with every aspect of your IT infrastructure projects, from design to implementation and troubleshooting. The whole process is streamlined, strategic, and, most importantly, aligned with your business objectives.
IT Consulting
Navigating the vast and complicated world of IT can be incredibly overwhelming and, at times, frustrating, especially for businesses with ever-changing requirements. Our expert IT consultants can conduct an in-depth analysis of your business. From there, we can offer insights and craft meticulous tech strategies that cater to your overarching vision as well as cover any immediate needs.
IT Staff Augmentation
Is your IT team short-staffed? Every tech project you undertake needs a unique set of skills. Our IT Staff Augmentation services ensure that you have access to the right expertise according to the demands of your business. Whether you need assistance with a short-term project or a full set of staff for a long-term partnership, we can bolster your existing workforce to suit your business and integrate seamlessly into your operations.
Digital Transformation
The digital age is here, opening up a world of possibilities. For businesses ready to embrace emerging technologies and systems, the future looks bright. Grassroots IT can empower your business to seize exciting new opportunities in the digital world. All of this ensures that you don’t just adapt to the digital era, but you start to thrive. Instead of jumping on every single digital trend, we’ll provide you with customised solutions that will help you stay ahead of the game.
Business Continuity Planning
The modern business world can be complex and unpredictable. In this environment, having a robust business continuity plan is essential. Grassroots IT will take the time to understand the specifics of your business, including its complex needs and goals. From there, we’ll carefully craft a business continuity plan to ensure that no matter what happens, your business can face a wide array of challenges with ease.
Office Relocation
Relocating shouldn’t cause headaches, but without a proper plan, it can be extremely disruptive to businesses. Our custom office relocation strategies focus on seamlessly transitioning all of your IT ecosystems. While doing so, we guarantee minimal downtime, maximum efficiency, and continuity for your business.
Business Process Automation
In the modern age, efficiency rules. Automation can play a big role in maintaining productivity for businesses and ultimately boosting your top-line profits. Grassroots IT can bring you comprehensive business automation solutions that are crafted to the last detail, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into your operations. The result? Vastly improved growth and efficiency.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Losing your data, systems and information can be extremely stressful and disruptive. Yet, in an ever-changing digital world, mistakes happen and systems can be breached. IT challenges can often be complex and unpredictable. This landscape requires a reliable safety net to allow you to protect your business from data loss and security breaches. With our customised backup and recovery solutions, your business will be shielded against potential setbacks and ready to bounce back swiftly in case of a crisis.
IT Strategy
Modern technology is ceaselessly evolving. Businesses need constant and strategic navigation to thrive in such an environment. Grassroots IT can make sure that your technology journey is safe and secure, helping you chart new territories and leverage emerging opportunities at speed. We have helped countless businesses to craft clear and concise IT strategies. We can do the same for your business, blending expert insights, proven solutions and customised alignment to help you achieve business growth.
End-User Computing
Enhance user experience and productivity with our end-user computing solutions. From Device Management to IT Procurement, we can help optimise your company’s devices, software, and interfaces for seamless interaction and uninterrupted business operations.
Device Management
Managing and monitoring every device in your organisation can be daunting. From desktops to laptops and beyond, you need to ensure that all devices are consistently monitored, updated, and maintained. We can help make this happen, meaning you experience fewer unexpected tech issues and a seamless, more efficient working experience for your team.
Mobile Device Management
With the rise of remote work arrangements and flexible remote access, mobile device management has become essential. Our Mobile Device Management services can ensure that your employees have secure, optimised, and unhindered access to the resources they need, on a range of mobile devices anywhere in the world.
IT Procurement
Navigating the world of IT equipment and software purchasing can be complicated and overwhelming, even for seasoned IT professionals. Our IT Procurement services can help simplify this journey. We’ll assist you in making informed decisions and ensure you acquire the right tools and technologies. We’ll help you select the IT tools that align perfectly with your business goals, working within your budget to ensure that you get the best value.
As the digital world expands to incorporate an exciting new world of technological solutions, many businesses are embracing new software applications. We can help you to create and manage your business applications. Our software application services cater to your unique needs, enhancing efficiency and streamlining your technological suite.
Microsoft 365
Harness the power of a comprehensive suite of productivity tools designed for modern businesses. Microsoft 365 combines the most efficient and powerful business applications. These apps enable collaboration, security, and creativity. Grassroots IT is a trusted
Office 365
Harness the power of a comprehensive suite of productivity tools designed for modern businesses. Microsoft 365 combines the most efficient and powerful business applications. These apps enable collaboration, security, and creativity. Grassroots IT is a trusted Microsoft 365 partner and has expert knowledge about using it to integrate all your systems in the best ways possible. We ensure that you can leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 to enhance collaboration, security, and growth for your business.
Power Platform
Adaptability and flexibility are crucial in today’s business world. To stay ahead of the game, businesses need to optimise their business processes as much as possible to gain and retain a competitive advantage. They can do this by leveraging versatile platforms to boost their success. Microsoft Power Platform is a game-changer for organisations all over the world and includes a vast array of tools for businesses. As your trusted Power Platform support partner, Grassroots IT can ensure that you harness the full potential of this transformative tech platform.
Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as one of the world’s most versatile platforms. It’s a platform with the power to streamline your business processes, enhance collaboration, and boost day-to-day efficiency within your organisation. Grassroots IT has in-depth expertise when it comes to SharePoint, allowing us to offer unparalleled SharePoint support. We can analyse your business structure and make sure that you are harnessing the platform’s capabilities to the fullest extent.
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams has transformed the landscape of team collaboration and communication, especially as businesses all over the world have embraced remote working. As your trusted Microsoft Teams consultants, the team at Grassroots IT are committed to helping you unlock the potential of this platform. We can help your business communicate seamlessly and enhance productivity with just a few streamlined steps.
Power BI
Every business has access to data, but not everyone knows how to utilise it effectively. Your business’s data contains a treasure trove of insights just waiting to be unlocked. By utilising Power BI, you can visualise that data and gain actionable insights. Grassroots IT can use our deep understanding of business intelligence and analytics to help you make the most of this app.
Microsoft Intune
Want to enhance your enterprise mobility while maintaining security? Microsoft Intune offers mobile device and application management, ensuring your team can work from anywhere without compromising security. With Intune and Grassroots IT's guidance, you'll empower your team to work from anywhere, ensuring security isn't sacrificed for convenience.
Microsoft Power Apps
Crafting bespoke software apps has never been easier. Microsoft Power Apps gives businesses a platform to create and deploy software applications that are tailored to their specific business needs. By combining Power Apps with Grassroots IT's in-depth knowledge and expertise, your business can deploy business applications designed specifically for its distinct needs, all without a single line of code.
Microsoft Power Automate
Do you want to streamline and optimise your workflow processes effortlessly? With Microsoft Power Automate and Grassroots IT's in-depth expertise, your business can automate repetitive tasks, enabling your team to focus on what truly matters. Our expert team can guide you in harnessing the full potential of Power Automate, driving your productivity to new heights.
In recent years we have seen exciting new possibilities emerge when it comes to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. If you want to revolutionise communication in your business and boost productivity, particularly with your remote workforce, efficient VoIP apps are crucial. Grassroots IT brings clarity, quality, and a deep understanding of managing both voice and data apps, ensuring your communication is seamless and efficient.
Microsoft Teams Phone
Stay connected seamlessly with Teams Phone, no matter where you are in the world. Teams Phone is an integral component of Microsoft's communication suite. With Grassroots IT's expert knowledge of Microsoft Teams Phone, you can ensure reliable, high-quality voice communication right across your organisation. Transition from chats to voice calls effortlessly and enhance your business's communication infrastructure, knowing you're backed by experts who prioritise your connectivity needs.
What Our Clients Say
Grassroots IT has become a great partner for Northrop. Grassroots IT’s pragmatic advice and recommendations ensures we are getting solutions that are right for our business. They are an engaged team that are invested in our business’ success.
Justin Davies
Justin Davies
Chief Operating Officer, Northrop
Grassroots IT have an interest in our business, and they take the time to understand our strategy. They then implement accordingly with the end goal in mind.
George Blake
George Blake
IT & Systems Manager, Westside Corporation
Grassroots IT has exceeded our expectations with their prompt professional service, and their proactive approach to identifying our future needs. Grassroots IT is much more than an external service provider: they have quietly become a vital part of the Churchill team.
Randall Smith
Randall Smith
CEO, Churchill Education
I have worked with many outsourced service providers over my career and without exception the Grassroots IT team are in a different league. They are an asset and a perfect fit into my team. Grassroots IT provide me exceptional value managed services, provisioned by a team of dedicated hardworking staff – staff who I trust and whose effort continues to improve and impress.
Craig O'Connor
Craig O'Connor
IT Manager, Darwin Port
Grassroots IT has been our IT provider since the start-up of AEIOU and has supported us throughout our growth over the past fourteen years. They have always been very responsive to support provision and in providing IT solutions across our many geographic locations. Grassroots IT has been an integral part of our evolution and growth and at the same time have been loyal supporters of the Foundation.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith
Chief Executive Officer, AEIOU Foundation
Grassroots IT has greatly assisted our business with their reliable, efficient and seamless support. Before we engaged Grassroots IT, our IT system and support caused us many headaches and took up so much of our time and focus . Grassroots IT has changed and improved our IT system at Vital Chemical by making it well maintained and managed function so as we can direct our energy back to our business.
Letiscia Xavier
Letiscia Xavier
Director, Vital Chemical
Service was quick and my person made it very easy to accomplish the result as completed. Lovely manners and polite demeaner. Thank you.
Deanna Sligo
Deanna Sligo
I have always found Grassroots IT technicians, especially Ben, Annie and Nick, to be professional, responsive and trustworthy. Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills and can address my many questions with kindness, patience and wisdom. Can not recommend this company highly enough!
Kim Rooney
Kim Rooney
Our IT side of the business is handled by Grassroots IT. Very professional and friendly. Always pleasant to deal with.
Mithila Wanigathunge
Mithila Wanigathunge
Grassroots IT have been our IT managers for over 9 years. The team are dedicated, friendly, helpful and can speak in non-techie language if need be. I've never been made to feel that I asked a "silly" question (although I'm sure I have) Their service is outstanding, I have no hesitation recommending them.
Christine Rea
Christine Rea
Ben and the team at Grassroots have always delivered what they promised and more importantly explained any issues in non tech language that described the problem and various solutions Their response times have always been good and if something was delayed (usually by other suppliers) they advised us asap..
Ken Madsen
Ken Madsen
This company has always cared - and communicated, and treated me respectfully.
Sheila Levine
Sheila Levine
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