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how we can help

In a constantly and rapidly changing world it can be hard to know which decisions will drive your business forwards, and which ones may prove to be costly distractions. Our IT strategy and planning will give you the confidence of technology aligned with business strategy to manage growth, improve profit and drive positive change. 

Reduce risk, minimise distractions and drive faster problem resolution with the help of our expert teams. Covering three time zones across Australia and New Zealand we are there when you need us.

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 provide everything your team needs to succeed, including the latest Office applications and cloud services such as email, Teams and SharePoint. Drive productivity and innovation from anywhere, on any device, all protected with advanced, integrated security features.

Your business needs the right tools with the power and flexibility to enable you to drive productivity while reducing risk. The right cloud solution will bring enterprise grade capabilities into your business in an accessible, easy to manage package.  

A strong cyber-security stance is paramount not only to the protection and defence of your organisation, but also to the successful response in the event of a breach. Cyber attack is a constant reality of modern business and must be addressed at all levels of the organization in order to ensure consistent, effective preparations. 

Healthy usage of IT solutions, known as service adoption, will ensure that an organisation can deliver its business outcomes.   There is no benefit to a new IT system if no one is using it. Change management and service adoption is not just training - we have an enhanced adoption framework to provide you with the tools to succeed and drive change both now and in the future.  

why grassroots it?

  • Strategy first. We're not here to sell you the latest shiny gadgets. We help you align your investment in technology with your business goals. 
  • IT help for humans. We offer friendly tech support in a language you can understand and we support your whole team, so they are empowered to use technology in the best ways to make their jobs easier.
  • We drive change. We believe in the transformative power of business. We want to support your business goals so you can drive change in the world.
  • Accessibility. With a support team across three timezones, we can offer standard helpdesk coverage from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Outside hours support is also available on request.

meet some of our change-making clients.

Randall Smith, Churchill Education


Co-Founder | Churchill Education

Grassroots IT has exceeded our expectations with their prompt professional service, and their proactive approach to identifying our future needs. Grassroots IT is much more than an external service provider: they have quietly become a vital part of the Churchill team.

Letiscia X Vital Chemical Grassroots IT

Letiscia Xavier

Grassroots IT has greatly assisted our business with their reliable, efficient and seamless support. Before we engaged Grassroots IT, our IT system and support caused us many headaches and took up so much of our time and focus . Grassroots IT has changed and improved our IT system at Vital Chemical by making it well maintained and managed function so as we can direct our energy back to our business.



Grassroots IT has been our IT provider since the start-up of AEIOU and has supported us throughout our growth over the past fourteen years. They have always been very responsive to support provision and in providing IT solutions across our many geographic locations. Grassroots IT has been an integral part of our evolution and growth and at the same time have been loyal supporters of the Foundation.

Justin Davies Northrop Grassroots IT


Chief Operating Officer | Northrop Consulting Engineers

Grassroots IT has become a great partner for Northrop. Grassroots IT's pragmatic advice and recommendations ensures we are getting solutions that are right for our business. They are an engaged team that are invested in our business’ success.