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Managed IT Services We Offer North Brisbane

Our managed IT services cover a range of IT support and management functions designed to keep your North Brisbane business technology running smoothly. By partnering with us for managed IT services, you can ensure your IT systems are reliable, secure, and aligned with your strategic goals, giving you the room to focus on your business.

We provide continuous oversight of your IT infrastructure to ensure it operates efficiently and securely with network management. Our proactive approach identifies and resolves issues before they cause disruptions, maintaining optimal performance.

Our team performs regular backups of your data to protect against loss due to hardware failures, cyberattacks, or other disasters. In the event of data loss, we offer quick IT disaster recovery services to restore your information and minimise downtime.

We implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures to safeguard your business against cyber threats. Our cybersecurity services include audits, cybersecurity planning/strategies, risk assessments, along with ongoing monitoring to prevent and respond to any breaches.

Our IT help desk provides access to IT experts who can resolve any technical issues you encounter. This ensures your employees can quickly get the assistance they need, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

We manage your cloud infrastructure and more with cloud services, ensuring seamless operation and scalability. We can help businesses set up private or public clouds, upgrade their cloud options, and migrate clouds to optimise their data safely and efficiently.

We also help North Brisbane businesses with software and applications that will help streamline day-to-day and long-term business operations. We’re specialists with a range of applications including Microsoft 365, Office 365, Power Platform, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Microsoft Intune, Power Apps, Power Automation, VoIP, and Teams Phone. If you have a particular app that you want to utilise in your business, contact us to discuss your requirements and we can discuss the appropriate solutions for you.

We offer expert advice to align your IT strategy with your business goals. Our consulting services help you plan for future technology needs, optimise current IT investments, and ensure your IT infrastructure supports your overall business objectives.

Brisbane North - Why Grassroots IT is a trusted Managed IT Service Provider.

Grassroots IT is a trusted managed IT services provider in North Brisbane with a commitment to personalised service, deep industry expertise, and proactive support. 

We tailor our managed IT services to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring that systems are reliable, secure, and efficient. To ensure we can keep up with the needs of our clients, our team of skilled professionals stays ahead of technological trends, providing clients with the latest innovations and preventive measures to avoid potential issues.

Where possible, you’ll have a single point of contact who will understand you and your business’s IT needs, ensuring a personalised service. This manager will coordinate all your IT requirements and provide consistent support.

Get immediate expert help from our specialists for urgent IT issues. Available both remotely and on-site, ensuring quick and effective problem resolution.

We conduct regular assessments to keep your IT strategy aligned with your business goals. This includes a detailed roadmap for future IT development and improvements.

We perform frequent check-ins to ensure our IT services adapt to your changing business needs. This helps maintain alignment with your objectives and addresses any emerging challenges promptly.

Receive detailed reports that provide insights into your IT system’s performance. These reports can help you make informed decisions and track progress towards your IT and company goals.

Our helpdesk support is available during and outside of regular business hours, offering you convenience and ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

We provide around-the-clock assistance for critical issues, ensuring that your IT systems are always operational and any emergencies are promptly addressed.

Our IT support staff are available nationwide, providing immediate help when needed, regardless of your location.

Our team ensures a smooth and efficient transition to our services, minimising downtime and ensuring everything is set up correctly from the start.


What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services involve outsourcing your IT operations to a third-party provider. Services include network monitoring, data backup, cybersecurity, help desk support, cloud services, software updates, and IT consulting.

Managed IT Services can save costs, provide access to expert IT support, improve security, ensure compliance, and allow you to focus on core business activities.

Grassroots IT offers network monitoring, data backup, cybersecurity, help desk support, cloud services, software maintenance, and IT consulting. If you’re unsure of what services you need, or you’re after a service you’re not sure we offer, please contact us and we can tell you more about our services and how we can help.

We perform regular data backups and provide quick recovery solutions to protect against data loss from hardware failures, cyberattacks, or disasters. Learn more about our data backup services.

Our help desk support can help with go-to IT support services and outside of regular business hours and offers 24×7 help for critical issues.

Our dedicated onboarding team ensures a smooth transition to our services, minimising downtime and setting everything up correctly from the start.

Yes, we offer on-site IT support for North Brisbane businesses, ensuring immediate assistance regardless of your location.

Managed IT Services are beneficial for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established enterprises. That’s because any sized business can benefit from an effective IT infrastructure, sturdy cybersecurity, and ongoing IT support.

What Our Clients Say
Grassroots IT has become a great partner for Northrop. Grassroots IT’s pragmatic advice and recommendations ensures we are getting solutions that are right for our business. They are an engaged team that are invested in our business’ success.
Justin Davies
Justin Davies
Chief Operating Officer, Northrop
Grassroots IT have an interest in our business, and they take the time to understand our strategy. They then implement accordingly with the end goal in mind.
George Blake
George Blake
IT & Systems Manager, Westside Corporation
Grassroots IT has exceeded our expectations with their prompt professional service, and their proactive approach to identifying our future needs. Grassroots IT is much more than an external service provider: they have quietly become a vital part of the Churchill team.
Randall Smith
Randall Smith
CEO, Churchill Education
I have worked with many outsourced service providers over my career and without exception the Grassroots IT team are in a different league. They are an asset and a perfect fit into my team. Grassroots IT provide me exceptional value managed services, provisioned by a team of dedicated hardworking staff – staff who I trust and whose effort continues to improve and impress.
Craig O'Connor
Craig O'Connor
IT Manager, Darwin Port
Grassroots IT has been our IT provider since the start-up of AEIOU and has supported us throughout our growth over the past fourteen years. They have always been very responsive to support provision and in providing IT solutions across our many geographic locations. Grassroots IT has been an integral part of our evolution and growth and at the same time have been loyal supporters of the Foundation.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith
Chief Executive Officer, AEIOU Foundation
Grassroots IT has greatly assisted our business with their reliable, efficient and seamless support. Before we engaged Grassroots IT, our IT system and support caused us many headaches and took up so much of our time and focus . Grassroots IT has changed and improved our IT system at Vital Chemical by making it well maintained and managed function so as we can direct our energy back to our business.
Letiscia Xavier
Letiscia Xavier
Director, Vital Chemical
Service was quick and my person made it very easy to accomplish the result as completed. Lovely manners and polite demeaner. Thank you.
Deanna Sligo
Deanna Sligo
I have always found Grassroots IT technicians, especially Ben, Annie and Nick, to be professional, responsive and trustworthy. Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills and can address my many questions with kindness, patience and wisdom. Can not recommend this company highly enough!
Kim Rooney
Kim Rooney
Our IT side of the business is handled by Grassroots IT. Very professional and friendly. Always pleasant to deal with.
Mithila Wanigathunge
Mithila Wanigathunge
Grassroots IT have been our IT managers for over 9 years. The team are dedicated, friendly, helpful and can speak in non-techie language if need be. I've never been made to feel that I asked a "silly" question (although I'm sure I have) Their service is outstanding, I have no hesitation recommending them.
Christine Rea
Christine Rea
Ben and the team at Grassroots have always delivered what they promised and more importantly explained any issues in non tech language that described the problem and various solutions Their response times have always been good and if something was delayed (usually by other suppliers) they advised us asap..
Ken Madsen
Ken Madsen
This company has always cared - and communicated, and treated me respectfully.
Sheila Levine
Sheila Levine
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