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24×7 Peace of Mind With Managed Detection & Response

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Demand for MDR services is soaring and Gartner predicts that by 2025, half of organizations will be using MDR services.

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About this webinar

Data breach, downtime and reputational damage waiting to happen …
If you’re a business leader, you don’t need us to tell you the importance of security and compliance. There’s so much at risk if you don’t get it right.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • 24×7 threat monitoring & response
  • Full-scale incident response
  • Human-led threat hunting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Staffed by 500+ security experts in 6 global
  • security operations centres
What is Managed Detection & Response?

Sophos Managed Detection & Response is a fully-managed, 24/7 service delivered by experts who specialize in detecting and responding to cyberattacks that technology solutions alone cannot prevent.

Managed Detection & Response is not just another security product. It is a fully managed service designed to complement existing SOC and IT Support teams in their work protecting your organisation from security threats.

Video Summary

In this video, Yasa from Sophos discusses the importance of cybersecurity and the challenges organizations face in managing cyber threats. The main focus of the discussion is on Managed Detection & Response (MDR), a service that helps organizations proactively detect and respond to cyber threats.

Yasa begins by emphasizing the critical role of cybersecurity and the increasing concerns organizations have about cyber threats. He highlights that cybersecurity has become complex and requires skilled professionals to manage effectively. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of cybersecurity experts globally.

The video then delves into the concept of Managed Detection & Response. Yasa explains that MDR is not just a product but a comprehensive service that involves expert-led threat hunting, 24/7 monitoring, and incident response. He points out that MDR is a human-led service as it deals with human-led attacks, and it operates through seven global Security Operations Centers (SOCs) with over 600 cybersecurity specialists.

The speaker emphasizes the need for constant monitoring and response to cyber threats, especially in the face of increasing attacks and sophisticated threat actors. He mentions that MDR offers contextualized threat intelligence, ensuring threats are detected and addressed promptly, thereby preventing potential incidents.

Yasa shares real-world examples of how MDR helps organizations deal with cyber threats efficiently, with an average incident response time of 38 minutes. He explains the process of containment and neutralization that MDR employs to stop the spread of attacks and eliminate threats.

The video also highlights the importance of a collaborative approach to cybersecurity. MDR leverages a global community of over 16,000 customers and shares threat intelligence among them. This collective approach ensures that organizations can benefit from the experiences and expertise of others, making them more resilient against emerging threats.

In conclusion, Yasa stresses that MDR is a scalable service that can be tailored to an organization’s needs. Starting with endpoint and server protection, organizations can gradually build a robust cybersecurity posture with the support of MDR. He urges viewers to consider Managed Detection & Response as a crucial component of their cybersecurity strategy to protect against the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Ben Love
Ben Love
About The Speaker
With an MBA, various areas of qualification including Project Management, and extensive experience consulting in a wide range of industries, David is well placed to be the Chief Executive Officer of Grassroots IT. When he’s not running around after his four children, David likes to go trail running in his downtime and recently successfully completed a 50 kilometre running challenge. If he was to choose his own superpower, David would love to have super strength.

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