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A Deep Dive into Cyber Insurance

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Join David Mitchell and Tim Stephinson as they dive into the world of Cyber Insurance, uncovering the vital role it plays in any cybersecurity strategy, along with insider tips on getting the best policy for your needs.

A Deep Dive Into Cyber Insurance
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Executive Briefing Webinar

Join us as we take a deep dive into the rapidly evolving world of Cyber Insurance with David Mitchell and Tim Stephinson. In this session we will unravel the essentials of cyber insurance policies and provide actionable insights to safeguard your operation against cybercrime’s expansive reach.

In this webinar:

  • The essentials of cyber insurance policies.
  • The practicalities of acquiring & utilizing Cyber insurance.
  • The types of insurance you need to know about.
  • The relationship between Professional Indemnity & Cyber insurance.
  • Questions you can ask your insurance providers.
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David Mitchell
David Mitchell
CEO - Grassroots IT
About David Mitchell

With an MBA, various areas of qualification including Project Management, and extensive experience consulting in a wide range of industries, David is well placed to be the Chief Executive Officer of Grassroots IT. When he’s not running around after his four children, David likes to go trail running in his downtime and recently successfully completed a 50 kilometre running challenge. If he was to choose his own superpower, David would love to have super strength.

Tim Stephinson Headshot
Tim Stephinson
COO - SherpaTech
About Tim Stephinson

Tim has a track record of growing and scaling businesses with an emphasis of leveraging and implementing technology. Prior to SherpaTech, Tim worked as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operations Officer for a multinational entertainment 
company that delivers unique world-class shows. In addition, Tim drove a family business scale-up leading to trade sale, harnessing the best technology to drive efficiency and reduce risk. Tim’s focus is on the expansion of SherpaTech Insurance, the specialist insurance provider for tech and IT. 
With the growing threat of cyber and professional risks, Tim leverages his knowledge of systems, process and procedures to assist our client mitigate risk.

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