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You’re paying money for your IT to work, so why doesn’t it?
You’re probably tired of the excuses and confused by all the technical geek-speak, in which case you’ll be pleased to hear that at Grassroots IT we talk no nonsense. We provide made to measure IT support so that you can focus on growing your business through effective use of your technology… it’s that simple!

It’s a mutual understanding

No Geek Speak

Grassroots IT provide complete IT solutions that help maintain and improve your technology so it works for your business – and we do it in a language you understand.

Go to the Cloud

Simplify your IT and improve efficiency. Harness the power of cloud technology with fingertip access and management of your business from anywhere at anytime.

Back-up & Disaster recovery

Bullet-proof your data and protect the security of your business. Put a permanent Plan B in place with our reliable system backup and disaster recovery plans.


Save space, increase storage and improve performance. Implementation of a virtual infrastructure into your business is a non-disruptive and cost efficient process.

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