IT Leadership

Delivering strong business results doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a compelling vision, clear strategy and effective management to bring it all together. Delivering results from your information technology is no different.

The Big Picture

You may have the big picture of what your information technology should look like, but you shouldn’t have to be an IT expert yourself to bring that vision into reality. Yet you need the confidence that your organization’s IT is well managed, and that it’s playing its role in strengthening and protecting your business.

The Challenge

The thing is that you don’t know what you don’t know – which makes it difficult to understand exactly what your business needs help with. And while you could do your own research and attempt to find out the latest in IT, is that really the best use of your time?

The Solution

The solution is to partner with an experienced IT team. People who know how to look at your business plans through an “IT lens”, ask the right questions and help drive results to your bottom line.


A clear IT Strategy that aligns with Business Strategy

Everything that happens within your organisation must stem from the overarching business strategy. Your IT strategy is no different. Without a clear IT strategy that is in strong alignment with your business strategy, IT may be delivering results but ultimately not contributing to the organisation’s success. Even worse, IT may be directionless, essentially delivering nothing of value to the business.

IT delivers tangible results

For many organizations IT may be a significant portion of operating expenses, and as with all significant expenses must be justified. IT must be able to demonstrate real business value and not just ‘busy work’. Tangible results must be delivered that can be directly mapped to the overarching IT and Business strategies, and ultimately to business value.

IT maintains good governance and best practices

As with all parts of your business, IT must maintain good governance and control over its domain, appropriate to organisational standards and expectations. It must also continuously drive towards an appropriate level of ‘Best Practice’ in IT delivery (for example maintaining appropriate cybersecurity standards). Alignment to best practices must also be rightsized for the organisation, often meaning the pursuit of ‘better practice’ even if you never truly reach ‘best’ practice.

“Grassroots IT has become a great partner for Northrop. Grassroots IT’s pragmatic advice and recommendations ensures we are getting solutions that are right for our business. They are an engaged team that are invested in our business’ success.

Justin Davies

Chief Operating Officer, Northrop



Our IT strategists will work with you to develop and implement an IT Strategy that aligns with your Business Strategy and organizational mission while remaining right-sized for your organisation. 

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IT Management as a Service

Our experienced IT managers will provide ongoing IT management for your organisation, helping to gain traction with IT initiatives and maintain appropriate governance.

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managed it services

Our Managed IT Services will provide the technical products and services that your business needs to support day-to-day operations, improve productivity and reduce downtime.

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