Managed IT Services

Focus on your core  business with peace of mind that your people have access to the IT services and support that they need to do their best work.

dependable Operations

You need your business to run like a well oiled machine, with every team, department and function doing its job, providing vital services back to the rest of the organisation. But if one piece breaks down, or doesn’t perform to standard, then the whole machine risks grinding to a halt. 

The Challenge

But how do you provide those essential, but non-core services that your organisation needs (such as IT) without diverting attention and scarce resources away from your core business? How do you ensure that your business has access to the IT services and resources that it needs to prosper, without having to invest in developing your own capabilities in information technology? 

The Solution

Managed IT Services provides your business with the information technology resources and services that it needs to prosper. With the burden of providing and managing your IT services contracted to Grassroots IT, you can stay focused on your own core areas of expertise. 

The benefits of Managed IT Services

Stay focused on your core business

Every business is constrained by limited resources, so it’s vital that these resources stay focused delivering on your organisational mission, and not be distracted by non-core activities such as providing IT support or configuring a VoIP phone system. Outsourcing the management of your IT services give you the peace of mind that your people have access to the IT services and support that they need to get on with their job and prosper.

Access to a team of experts

Managed IT services are designed, implemented, maintained and supported at scale by a team of experts. With these experts focused on your IT you can expect proactive support, improved efficiency and minimised downtime, all without the risk and overhead of managing your own IT staff.

Predictable costs

With fixed monthly costs, Managed IT services can help reduce unexpected expenses and minimise cashflow risk, while avoiding the need for large capital expenditure planning.

To learn more about how Managed IT Support is priced, read more here.

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IT Support

Our friendly support team will ensure that any issues are quickly addressed to keep your people happy and productive. Our helpdesk is ready to take your call with any issues or requests, while our platform management team proactively monitors and manages your systems. 

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Microsoft 365

Maximise your ROI on Microsoft 365 with expert support and advise, from day to day issues such as password resets to advanced cybersecurity configuration and monitoring. 

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With cybersecurity now a board-level concern our security experts will help keep you safe with best practice security advise, management and incident response. 

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Our cloud experts will maintain your Azure services and support any issues that may arise, ensuring that you are able to leverage the power of cloud services to maximum advantage. 


Deliver flexible, quality voice communications to your team where-ever they may be using either cloud PBX solutions, or Teams Calling for the latest in unified communications. 

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Fast, reliable internet access for efficient business operations. Our experts will advise on the best connectivity options to keep your business operating at full speed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do managed IT services cost?

It all depends on the service being provided, and can vary greatly. For more information on how much Managed IT Support may cost, you can read more here.


Are managed IT services only for large companies?

No, not at all. Managed IT services are ideal for any organisation that can’t, or doesn’t want to manage their own IT services.

Some common signs that you might need Managed IT services include:

  • You experience ongoing technology headaches.
  • Your IT expenses are highly variable and unpredictable.
  • Your IT feels like an expensive overhead rather than a business enabler.

You can read more here about how managed IT services can help your business.


Are Managed IT Services the same as outsourced IT services?

Managed Services generally refers to another company running the service on your behalf on an ongoing basis. A common example of this is when another company runs your IT helpdesk for you.

Outsourced IT services are generally for shorter pieces of work with no ongoing engagement, such as when another company implements a new piece of software for you, but doesn’t provide any ongoing support or services for that software.


What if we already have IT staff?

Managed IT services are a good fit for organisations with existing in-house IT staff. By outsourcing the management of particular day to day IT services such as IT helpdesk or network management,  you can free up your existing IT staff to focus on higher value activities.


Will you come onsite to my office if needed?

Yes. Most of our IT services can be delivered remotely, however there are still times when something needs to be done onsite. In these situations we will organisation for an engineer to visit your location to take care of the issue.