Microsoft 365

Maximise ROI from your investment in Microsoft 365 with responsive support, proactive management and impactful digital transformation.  


We provide day to day support for your Microsoft 365, covering tasks such as resetting passwords, creating new user accounts, and helping your people with any issues or guidance they may need. 

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Our experts will manage your Microsoft 365 environment for issues such as cybersecurity breach, configuration management and license optimisation to help you protect your organisation while minimising costs. 

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From implementing Microsoft 365 or migrating from an existing system, to driving digital transformation initiatives build in the cloud, our experienced Microsoft 365 consultants will make it happen.

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“Their job is to deliver a solution, and they do it well. They understand what we need, and they get on with it”

George Blake

IT & Systems Manager, Westside Corporation

Why choose Grassroots IT

Practical technology solutions

With many years of experience supporting, advising and working alongside organisations of all shapes and sizes, our consultants are adept at solving business problems with practical, proven approaches and robust technology solutions that deliver lasting value to your business.

Experienced engineers & project managers

Our Microsoft 365 experts have the skills and experience to plan and execute your project on the Microsoft 365 platform, whether it be a small scale SharePoint intranet site or a company-wide, mission critical email migration.

Backed by Microsoft

As one of Microsoft’s largest certified partners in Queensland we have the backing and resources of the Microsoft partner channel and extended Microsoft partner community behind us, ensuring access to the skills, reach and expertise necessary to deliver any Microsoft 365 project.

Spot Opportunities with Microsoft 365

Unlock hidden efficiency with automation

Easily add automation not only within the Microsoft 365 suite, but also with third party and legacy applications. Increase staff efficiency, reduce processing time and remove handling errors all with simple low and no-code automated workflows and custom apps. Our consultants will help review your existing applications and business processes to identify opportunities for digital transformation and automation with tools such as Microsoft Power Platform and Robotic Process Automation.

Empower frontline workers with digitised processes

Extend digital capabilities to frontline workers and connect them with the tools they need to do their best work, such as online forms, custom apps and digitised task management workflows. Our experts will help take your existing frontline business processes and streamline them into efficient digital operations.

Enable productivity from anywhere, anytime

Give your people the tools they need to work how and where they want, whether in the office, from home or on the road. With unlimited opportunity to meet, collaborate and create with clients and colleagues from anywhere in the world our advisers will guide you to the best use of Microsoft 365 to support your business requirements.

Grassroots IT has been our IT provider since the start-up of AEIOU and has supported us throughout our growth over the past fourteen years. They have always been very responsive to support provision and in providing IT solutions across our many geographic locations. Grassroots IT has been an integral part of our evolution and growth and at the same time have been loyal supporters of the Foundation.

Alan Smith

Chief Executive Officer, AEIOU Foundation

SOME of the Microsoft 365 Projects we can help with


We can design and implement the ideal Microsoft 365 solution for your business from initial conception through to user training and adoption. 


Whether you currently use your own servers, or another cloud platform such as Google, we can migrate your email, files and business intelligence systems to Microsoft 365 with confidence. 


Microsoft 365 is an inherently secure platform, however the default configuration may not be optimal for your needs. We can optimise your security to protect your confidential information and keep staff productive. 


Empower staff to connect & collaborate with Microsoft Teams. Our experts will design & implement the perfect Teams solution for your organisation.  

Teams Calling

Leverage the features & flexibility of VoIP calling all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams, designed and implemented by our skilled Teams Calling experts. 

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Our experts will work with you to build a SharePoint environment that supports & enables team collaboration, communication & productivity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our existing Microsoft 365 is a mess! Can you help?

Absolutely. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon that we are called in to help untangled a “less than ideal” solution that was put in place by another IT company. Whether it be with email, security, SharePoint, Teams or any other components of Microsoft 365, we will work with you to understand what’s working and what’s not, and then move you to a well structured, effective solution.


We've been hacked! Can you help?

Yes we can. Our security experts will work to identify the source of the security breach and then make sure your environment is clean and secure so you can get back to work. We will also be able to put forward recommendations on how to better secure your systems to avoid any future security breach.


Can I manage Microsoft 365 myself?

Yes, however many organisations choose not to as they recognise that they don’t have the time or expertise to effectively manage it themselves. These organisations take advantage of our Managed IT Support services to handle the ongoing management of their tenant, as well as provide helpdesk support for their staff. 


Is Microsoft 365 secure?

Microsoft 365 is an extremely secure platform, with extensive security features built in to every layer. A lot of this security is automatically in place, however for the more security conscious organisations, more advanced security features and configuration options are available.


How much does Microsoft 365 cost?

Pricing is on a per-user basis and will vary depending on which plan you choose, and whether you choose to pay monthly or annually. Given that different staff may need different features, it is possible to mix and match different plans together to give staff what they need while minimising costs. Our experts will work with you to determine which plan(s) best suit your requirements. 

Read more about pricing and inclusions on the Microsoft site.


Can you help with setting up SharePoint?

Yes. SharePoint is an excellent option for many organisations that are looking to centralise and simplify document management, collaboration and organisational communication. We will work to understand your business requirements and implement the perfect SharePoint solution for your needs.


Can you implement Teams?

Yes. Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform for enabling team sharing and collaboration. We will work with you to implement Teams into your organisation to suit your unique requirements.


Can I migrate from Google to Microsoft 365?

Yes. We have a proven process for migrating clients from Google to Microsoft 365, and have done so for many organisations. Most Google to Microsoft 365 migrations are primarily concerned with migrating email, closely followed by migrating files. 


Explore more about Microsoft 365

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks with Power Automate

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks with Power Automate

Power Automate is a tool for automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, it can integrate quickly and easily into other Microsoft apps such as SharePoint and Outlook but can just as easily integrate with hundreds of non-Microsoft apps using an extensive collection of third-party and custom connectors. Even older legacy apps can be automated using a feature called Robotic Process Automation.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams Phone

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Calling is a cloud-based PBX phone system built right into the familiar Microsoft Teams platform. Microsoft Teams already lets you make both voice and video calls to other Teams users, irrespective of if they are within your organisation or are external parties. By enabling Teams Calling, this functionality is extended even further to allow you to make and receive calls with people using traditional phone systems.  

5 Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams Instead of Emails

5 Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams Instead of Emails

Email has long been the mainstay of team communication and collaboration. Indeed, despite also being the bane of effective collaboration, for many organizations it remains at the heart of how teams communicate and work together. Part of the Microsoft 365 suite of...