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  • Getting Started with Sharepoint

    This is a guest post by Mia McIntyre of MIVirtual. As Seth Godin says in his book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?,  “Work has changed…. The old system was represented by two parties: those that owned the means to production and those who ran it…In the new system the game has turned inside out. The means […]

  • Two things you should consider before switching from PC to Mac

    I admit that I’m pretty much in love with my Apple MacBook Pro laptop. As the marketing component of the Grassroots IT team, however, I must write a disclaimer saying that this a purely personal opinion from my creative, hippy perspective, and is not necessarily based on any technical knowledge and expertise of the Mac system. I do […]

  • Xero Cloud Accounting: is it right for my business?

    Are you considering moving your business across to Xero Cloud Accounting? It can be a tough decision. We know, because we went through exactly the same decision making process here at Grassroots IT before we made the switch to Xero. We are grateful to Jac Gallagher from Notch Above Bookkeeping who presented a webinar for us on Xero […]

  • Four Tips to Help you Make the Most of your iPhone

    I remember, way back when, steadfastly holding the belief that a phone should be used as a phone and a camera as a camera, and never the two should meet. And now, I am a *rather* <ahem> heavy user of my beloved iPhone as a camera. In fact, is there anything the iPhone can’t do these days? […]

  • skype for business

    Skype for Business: Quick Start Webinar

    Are you looking for effective communication methods within your business? If you haven’t used Skype for Business before, you might not know how well it integrates with Office 365 as a communication solution for your team, connecting them together from any location. If you’re already using Skype for Business, check out the webinar below to […]

  • Tips for creating a memorable and secure password

    Tips for creating a secure and memorable password

    Remembering your password can be difficult at the best of times. To add to that, most websites these days require password security so they can store your personal information and keep it secure. So you have all these passwords for countless different website and it can begin to be difficult to remember them all. To […]

  • microsoft bookings

    Microsoft Bookings for Small Business

    Small businesses are getting Microsoft Office 365 feature just for them – a full-service system for scheduling appointments for their services over the internet. Microsoft Bookings is a new service that allows businesses to create a business page on the app with scheduling features, so customers can book appointments online. Customers will be able to use […]

  • 6 apps for a better 2017

    6 apps for a better 2017

    Welcome back to another year of nerdy fun here at Grassroots IT – let’s kick off the year with some goal setting! A new year is a fresh start to learn something and to get better at the things we may not be so good at. Often the trouble is sticking to them. Apps are the new […]

  • office 365 mailbox quota increase

    Microsoft reveals new Office 365 Mailbox quota increase

    This week the Office 365 Roadmap announced that an increase in Mailbox quota with Exchange Online would be increasing from 50 GB to 100 GB. The new mailbox quotas will only apply to the Office 365 E3 and E5 plans. All other plans will remain with the 50 GB quota. Why the need to upgrade? […]

  • install office 365

    How to install the Office 365 desktop applications on your computer

    A lot of Microsoft Office 365 plans include what’s called Desktop Licencing. This is the bit that lets you install the Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel on your computer. In this post we show you how to install Office 365 on your computer.   1.Sign in with your work or school account […]